Fall is here, so are fish!


This past week there has been some great fishing as the results of the Take Stock in Children tournament showed.

On Friday with the Thacker Boone group we had an incredible afternoon with big Reds, Trout, Snook and a 150 lb. Tarpon for a minute. They also had a Sawfish some Sharks,Jacks and Ladyfish.

Friday night was the Take Stock captains meeting and fishing starts fright after. I was fishing with my buddy Paul and his son PJ, we waited until the morning and got off to a good Start early with a 33 inch Snook. There was no shortage of smaller Snook. We had Reds to 22 inches until late in the day when we got into a big school of Redfish. We landed 9 Reds to 28" and another 32" Snook. We felt pretty good about the day but I felt we need a bigger Snook.

Sunday morning we set out for Trout we caught a bunch but it took a while to get a 17 inch fish. We spent the rest of the day trying to upgrade but couldn't get em. Paul had 78" and PJ had 76"

I was on some decent fish and felt good on the way to turn in score card. There were some good fish caught by allot of my friends and congratulations to them. We were disappointed but we had and incredible weekend of catching fish!


John and his buddies Jason and Pat fished the Herman Lucerne Tournament with me, they got treated to the worst weather possible. It rained and the wind was steady in the 30 mph range with gust up to 50 mph.

That being said we caught some fish and did the best we could in the conditions. They didn’t let it bother them as the beers flowed pretty smoothly. The highlight of the day was when Pat hooked a decent sized Redfish and a 6 ft.Crocodile ate it, he had been trying to get one of our Snook earlier.

Day 2

We drove into Flamingo to avoid the beating again. We started out with John catching a couple Small Tarpon and a handful of Snook. They trio caught Snook, Trout, Snappers, Ladyfish and Tarpon. We tried hiding from the weather but it was nasty.

This was some serious rain!

This was some serious rain!

Fishing is incredible right now and really has been since about last Christmas if you have a need to catch something special or want to just get your kids out give me a call. Caught Lookin Charters is a family friendly charter service. Lets go fishing, give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Captain Jim Hobales


90 degrees and biting!

These pictures are what happening, if you would like to do some of this fishing give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Chase hooked at least 20 of these and caught 7 or 8.

Pete was up for something different so we ran way east in the back country. we had a couple of the dark Snook

Pete was up for something different so we ran way east in the back country. we had a couple of the dark Snook

college buddies getting it done!


If you want to catch some quality fish give me a call at 305 333 8149. Fishing has been incredible down at Flamingo, if a big Snook is on your bucket list give me a call.

Capt. Jim Hobales


Incredible day with incredible Marines!

I am in Islamorada fishing the Project Healing Waters, this helps marines that might be struggling with assorted issues. From the reception Monday night breakfast at the Lorelei Tues Morning and dinner Tuesday night it is a very well organized event. I had the privilege of fishing with 3 great guys Dan, Tim, Darryl who just took it all in, from the ride over to the sights around Flamingo.
The fishing was spectacular from first cast which produced a Snook. We caught Tarpon Snook, Redfish, Big Trout, Goliath Grouper, Shark and Jacks. The very cool part is I had a camera man from the Florida Sportsman Waterman show documenting the 3 marines day. Incredible day with incredible Marines!

Marine dan.jpg

This event is totally about helping Marines cope and I was honored to help. #projecthealingwaters.

marine dan snook.jpg

Ben along with his dad Bruce had a pretty good morning, the first couple fish were Jacks. Once we got by the Jacks it was Snook , Trout, 4 Goliath Grouper,(coming back pretty good) jumped a few Tarpon and a couple big Lemon Sharks. The fish ate a combination of Gulp swimming mullets and live pinfish.

I called the day at 1230 because of the heat, 105 heat index and that's what it felt like. We caught allot of fish and they were very happy. #caughtlookincharters.com, #www.biscaynerod.com.


We have been very fortunate this spring and summer for some of the best and most consistent I can remember. It looks like it will remain pretty good, we have had some cleaner water and fish have returned to all the places we used to catch them before the big grass die off. With the cleaner water we are able to see where there is decent grass on the flats and that turns into some great catches. If you are interested in a adventurous and fun fishing trip give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt .Jim Hobales


Weather mad for a tough week!


As good as fishing has been, the last week changed some. We had a tropical system come thru on Thursday and effected the weather until Sunday, that being said the fish bit from Key Largo to Flamingo. Sometime its all about the rod bending and not so much the specie. I fished out of Key Largo on Thursday and Friday and we bent the rod and put smiles on faces. The BBI hooked on Kids tournament was cancelled because of lightning on Thursday morning, a couple of the teams wanted to go out when it cleared so we did it. There were still some storms heading out way but we stayed close.


Anytime we get a S.W. wind flow it gets tough and that’s what happened on Saturday while fishing the FFT tournament of Flamingo. I had a game plan and stuck to it for 2 hours before running far away to second spot. I blew it until 1 30pm. I was fishing with my son and said I don’t think we can win here but we have a shot at Tarpon and Snook. It didn’t take long and the bite turned on. Tarpon were rolling all around us but every time we cast a Snook we eat the lure. we spent 2 hours throwing at Tarpon and catching Snook and other day no complaints. Final result in tournament was embarrassing.

The next day I had Will and Pancho on the boat, we met me early to get ahead of any storms. I ran back to where I ended up yesterday. The tide was just changing and the bite was about to get incredible. I had some pinfish which we started out with. The first bite had to be Goliath, the only way to explain it is to hook one yourself. Will eventually got broke off but that was just a start. The Tarpon were everywhere busting up Mullet

Pancho had one hit his Gulp and never stop until he threw the lure. Will was casting at small rolling Tarpon and catching Snook. We did this for 3 hours until both guys were sitting down exhausted. I left to go hit another spot only to watch the guy fishing whack some nice Snook. No big deal we had just caught close to 100 Snook this morning and jumped several Tarpon. It was easy to call it a day they surpassed what they expected!


Its time for kids to go back to school so if you need to get them out give me a call at 305 333 8149 and we will put smiles on there faces.

Capt. Jim Hobales


Fish are eating all day long, in the heat!


Its hot, muggy and buggy but that is a perfect for turning on the fish at Flamingo, Everglades National Park. Its been incredible even on the days where it seems tough, the finally tally is always god numbers. The Tarpon have been decent, the Snook have really made a giant showing this spring. The Redfish are around but not in the crazy numbers like Snook. The Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish, Mackerel, Tripletails, Sharks, and Snappers really round out a complete day of fish catching. My clients do it on both lures and live bait, fish really eat the Gulps as well as Rapala’s. These amount of species make it a really good time to bring your kids fishing.

Caught lookin Charters is a kid and family friendly charter so give me a call at 305 333 8149 if this appeals to you……

Ross and Mindy love Flamingo, They catch plenty of fish but enjoy the place itself. Mindy is a very lucky angler, which never hurts!


My son James, big storm was on its way, my buddy Paul also had several Tarpon.

I can do this for you, if you would like to fish Everglades National Park give me a call at 305 333 8149 and I’ll make it happen for you!

Capt. Jim Hobales


Hot and muggy, man the fish are biting!

The fishing has been very good in Everglades National Park, there are fish in almost every area of the park. Its hard to make a decision where to go because its been good. I have been trying places that haven’t been productive the last couple years and the fish are there again. It is a good time to fish down there and the mosquitos aren’t bad yet and the deer flies have tapered off some. I have some available days left in July if you are interested. Bring your wife, your kids or your best fishing buddies you wont be disappointed.

I had an opportunity to fish with the recent Home Run Derby winner and All Star first baseman this past week. He along with his Girl friend Haley need to de stress from his busy schedule. We caught some fish and had a possible Tarpon of for 10 minutes. He had a great week and that made mine!


If you are interested give me a call at 305 333 8149 and I will do my best to give you the trip of a life time!

Let’s go catch some fish,

Capt Jim Hobales


This week fishing was incredible!

The bite was really good this past week, on Tues I fished with Eddy Carman ( Biscayne Rod) and Mitch his neighbor up in the panhandle. We got out as sun was coming up and it started quickly. Mitch hooked a couple 3 lb. Jack and then the crazy Snook bite turned on. Every cast for 3 1/2 hours was at least a hit. We had at least 50 Snook, 12 Redfish, 1 Tarpon and 30 Trout up to 25 inches. We moved on a bit, Mitch was catching Reds off the back of the boat and Eddy was catching Trout on the front with some Snook mixed in. We were on our way home by 10:30!

On Saturday, I had Robert Cheng and his son Nate out. I was hoping for the same action as a couple days before. The Jacks were thick today until the tide started to move then the Snook caught on fire. One after another with a Redfish or Trout mixed in. It was fun watching Nate catch fish he did not expect the day we had.

I went to a spot that hadn’t been very good in a while, on Roberts first cast he caught the big Snook pictured below. it was well over 40 inches. Nate had plenty of Snook but the big 23”Trout he caught was really nice.

We were supposed to fish the whole day but I was exhausted and I know they were on the way in I saw some free jumpers and had to stop for them>


Its just starting to rain everyday which will turn the fish on in a real good way, it also gets mosquitos going. Its time for long pants and mask in the morning and then it gets better as days goes on. Flamingo has had some issues for couple years but it seems like fish don’t care and are back in there natural haunts.

If you have a desire to catch fish or more important your kids have a desire I’m you fishing guide. Caught Lookin Charters is a kid friendly charter, If you would like to go give me a call at 305 333 8149 and I’ll do my best to make it the best trip you ever had!

Captain Jim Hobales



Early summer "hot" bite!

The temps are rising the tides are moving and there are plenty of fish around. Some areas don’t get the strong movement but if you run around you will find it and that’s when the fish bite. I have been using a combination of bait and lures to get bites. I have fished every area of Flamingo for the last few weeks depending on wind, that’s the great thing about Flamingo. There is an outside (Fl. Bay) and an inside (Whitewater Bay) you can usually fish one side no matter how strong the winds. Wind direction is the biggest issue and those winds can make Whitewater Bays Snook turn on, every point is a possibility.

The next couple months gets really good Snook on the beaches on the flats and there should be allot of finger mullet pouring thru, cant wait. If you and your kids, Family or Friends want to have a great day fishing its the right time.

I am fishing out of Key Largo the rest of the summer so if interested in flamingo or Key Largo give me a call at 3053338149.


Dave only wanted fish over 32 inches , he got them!

Dave caught this nice Snook on a Gulp swim bait.

Dave caught this nice Snook on a Gulp swim bait.

This Tarpon ate a gulp swim bait as well!

This Tarpon ate a gulp swim bait as well!

Kevin catches lots of Snook in in Tampa Bay but came to Flamingo for his biggest Snook.

Kevin catches lots of Snook in in Tampa Bay but came to Flamingo for his biggest Snook.

Yamil caught this little Goliath but thought it was a big Snook the way it fought. They are making a comeback in the back country.

Yamil caught this little Goliath but thought it was a big Snook the way it fought. They are making a comeback in the back country.

Rick with one of many Snook today.

Rick with one of many Snook today.

First trip to Flamingo for these 2 kids Desi and Victoria, they along with mom and dad cad loads of these Snook

First trip to Flamingo for these 2 kids Desi and Victoria, they along with mom and dad cad loads of these Snook

If you are looking for a fun day out give me a call at 305 333 8149, Caught Lookin Charters is a “Kid” friendly charter. I have the fathers’ day weekend available as of right now. We can do big fish or lots of fish its up to you!

Captain Jim Hobales


Awesome Spring bite!

The fishing at Flamingo which is in Everglades National Park has been very good for last few months and looks like we will have a good summer. The numbers of Snook and Redfish have been incredible, not all giants but good numbers. Its easier to show in pictures than to write about it.


The fishing will remain strong with a good Tarpon bite thru the summer, if you have kids its a great time to get them out on the boat. Let them experience some good fish catching and take in the Everglades saltwater side. If this sounds like something that fits your need give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jim Hobales


2019 Flamingo houseboat trip!


Day 1

The past week I had some decent fishing from Key Biscayne Tarpon, Government Cut and of course Flamingo. I also just got back from a 3 day trip with my Miami Sportfishing Club on the new house boats at Flamingo Marina. I fished with guys I had not fished with in years and just enjoyed watching them catch fish. I also enjoyed showing them how its done! We set up shop right on the dock and didn’t take the boats up into Whitewater Bay like we had done in the past. The boats are slow and it with the time frame and the amenities you have them its more practical to stay at marina.

I fished with my buddy Danny Varona on the trip its been 15 years since we fished together. Danny has built my web sites since I started guiding. We got out Friday morning and it didn’t take long and we caught 30 Redfish, a bunch of Snook and a couple Trout. It was cool and Tarpon which were the target for the weekend weren’t around. I did the next best thing and went Snook fishing. We caught allot of Snook and Danny who is a great fly caster caught some on fly which made his weekend for Now! We came in around 3 waited for everyone to get there set up houseboat and had a great BBQ which was done by Eric Castillo of Sea Vee , giants Steaks and chicken wing appetizer’s. The were a few assorted bottles of choice alcohols and we talked about things that happed in the club over the last 30 years, Guys have moved and we see each other on Facebook post but it was a great time The Miami Sportfishing Club is one of the oldest clubs in South Florida and we refused to let it go away, its been part of my life since 1985. Most of my fishing friends have come thru there. We are planning for next years trip which we hope to rent all 4 houseboats and have one heck of a outing. I did fish with other people last week and since but this was in the works for a few months and I was still excited about it.


Day 2

I ran around all day with my buddies Nate Ramasinni and Eric, Nate wanted to run way north so we did. We caught plenty of fish and had a good time doing it. It was fun fishing and watching my buddies catch lots of Snook. We made it back around 5 pm and had another great BBQ by Eric. The weather was perfect no bugs to speak of.



This was an incredible trip, the Miami Sportfishing Club used to do this every year but the house boats weren’t very good so we quite. The new houseboats are great and we are making plans for next year, we expect to rent all 4.


I fished with my clients and great friends ross and Mindy and had a great day. Ross got a nice Snook and then Mindy followed him with one. The spot that had been holding Snook was full of decent Trout today, they don’t care they just keep catching them. We ran the traps and caught a few nice Triple Tails. We had an enjoyable day and caught 10 different species.


The fishing is outstanding right now I have some weekends open right now in April give me a call at 305 333 8149. Its spring break so bring your kids fishing!

Capt. Jim Hobales


It's So Good!

Jack and Keith Hubacher of the Beach Boys. The had somewhere around 80 Snook and Redfish combined!

Jack and Keith Hubacher of the Beach Boys. The had somewhere around 80 Snook and Redfish combined!

1 of 30 Snook Will caught, not all giants but still fun!

1 of 30 Snook Will caught, not all giants but still fun!



The fishing is really consistent right now down at Flamingo, if your just out to bend the rods all day there are plenty of fish to do that. The numbers of small Snook and Redfish are incredible you have to go thru a bunch of small guys to catch some that are bigger but most people don’t seem to mind.

This has been really good on the days I have kids on board. It has allowed me to teach casting, and fighting fish to the boat to the younger kids. When you are busy they don’t get bored!

The Tarpon bite got disturbed by the cold front last week. They were not very thick, really spread out in the Gulf of Mexico for a few days but as of 03 12 19 they had showed back up. The Tripletails were out in the Gulf in good numbers, saw a few schools of up to 6 fish just floating. Jerry caught that nice one in above picture.

Jerry and his cousin Nick had 10 Species Snook, Redfish, Trout, Shark, Ladyfish, Jack, Goliath Grouper, Tripletail, and of course both species of Catfish.

This has been the way its been Jim and Will did the same plus some Mackerels

If you are interested in a some spring break fishing with your kids or family this would be a good time to do it. If you want Tarpon this is a good time as well so give me a call at 305 333 8149. Caught Lookin Charters is a kid and family friendly charter business.

Capt. Jim Hobales


Its gettin hot!


The fishing has been very good in North Biscayne Bay, South Biscayne Bay and over at Flamingo. There are Tarpon just about everywhere right now Haulover, Government Cut and again down at Flamingo. I gave been covering allot of water but for the next few weeks it will be strictly inside of Everglades National Park. Its time for Tarpon on bait, lures and Flies. We will also catch plenty of Snook Redfish and others. I have had some fun buddy groups, great families and even a few single anglers but I try to give every one a trip the really enjoy.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so here are some.


Write here…

Write here…


This is the by catch of fishing for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish. The bite has been incredible since around Christmas and don’t look like it s slowing down any. This past few days have been big numbers of Tarpon hooked and Redfish and Tripletails for other action. Its hard to explain how much fun it is! The next month or so is spring break, call me if you want to get you kids, buddies or family out for some fun fish catching. give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jim Hobales


New Year is on Fire!


The New Year has been very interesting especially down at Flamingo in Everglades National Park. The numbers of fish have just been incredible small Redfish and Snook are just everywhere in huge schools. I have had days of 20 to 100 Redfish and then tow in 30 or so Snook and its fun, lots of rod bending. The downside is they are between 10 and 20 inches but in shallow water they fight really good. Don't get me wrong we are catching a few good ones also.


I fished Flamingo with Walt his son Austin and friend Kevin The weather was cold and there was a giant rain front sitting on south Fl, luckily it didn't rain on us all day.The day started out slow with a couple Snook and Trout. We moved a bit and found a bunch of Reds in a little deeper water, after 30 or so we moved on. We got into an rea that had been pretty good for a couple weeks and it was again today. There were both Snook and Reds and close to 75 fish caught. Walt did catch a 32 in Snook there. Next stop 2 more nice Snook one by Kevin and Austin had a nice 28" incher. On the last stop of the day there were Tarpon feeding on small minnows, I had Kevin throwing a Gulp swimming mullet!  Kevin hooked up with a nice Tarpon which jumped off, a few cast later he was hooked up again. This time we landed the 15 lb. Tarpon. Water temps were 68 degrees and the Tarpon were feeding, that's a little bit of luck. Great days with lots of fish!


I am with Bob and Charlie long time clients and friends at Flamingo. I stuck with same patter today a bunch of Redfish early on along with some Big Trout and decent Black Drum. Today was almost the same as above report just loads of fish with tired anglers. On our last stop on the way in I looked for the Tarpon again, no luck today. There was a couple big Snook and a Redfish there to end the day. 


To our surprise there was a giant crowd at the marina as we approached there was a 40 ft. Whale lying on the boat ramp. It was a rare species called a Brytus Whale which had been floating around for a few days and was towed in for the scientist to loo at.


I am with Bob and Debbie from N.Y. at Flamingo, again today not changing where I started. There were a handful of Redfish in there and just down the shore line a bit some real nice Black Drum and Snook. We caught fish and waited for them to bite it wasn't constant but consistent.


The weather was great and I asked if they were interested in catching Tripletail, Bob said he always heard about it but never did it. We took a ride out into the Gulf of Mexico and ran the traps. We ran a few miles before finding them but once we did there were a bunch. Bob was a natural catching 3of 6, the other got around the traps and came off.


I stopped one more time and hit the mother load. Bob and Debbie caught a Redfish on every cast for 40 minutes, I was also casting and handing off to Debbie. She was constantly fighting a Redfish, we rain out of Shrimp and caught some more on jigs. There were tired it was time to go, great day great people!


We were curious about the whale that had been sitting at the ramp in the morning, the show was over. The whale had been put on a flat bed truck and taken away. 


I am fishing Government Cut with my son James and buddy Paul. We caught a bunch of Mutton Snappers, Yellowtails, Mangroves, Bar Jacks and Big Sharks in a couple hours of fishing. 


I am with fishing around Miami Beach with long time client Sam, he has guest Sara and Serge. Sara never fished before and had the hot hand on Yellow tail catching one after another. Sam and Serge were catching Muttons Snappers, Jacks Blue Runners and Cuda's. 

After a few hours of this we called it a morning.


Fishing is really looking up as I write this, Miami Beach as well as Flamingo. The cold fronts have stopped for know and weather is trying to remain stable. This produces fish so I'm ready. If you would like to get out and give it a try give me a call at 305 333 8149. Caught Lookin Charters is family and kid friendly so don't hesitate to bring them

Capt. Jim Hobales


Incredible Snook-Redfish action!


This past 10 days have been action packed down in Everglades National Park, days of 30 Redfish and 40 Snook have been common. Timing the tide which has been extremely high and low around the full moon was important. On the high tides they were way back in the sticks and on the lows, well right out in the open. Live shrimp worked good but Gulp products worked really well on Redfish and Snook. The Rapala "Twitch n  Raps" produced allot of Snook, this is my go to lure! It was no one secret spot, the bite was good out front on Snake bite in the run offs Palm and Frank Keys. These places have no grass but the fish are still hanging out there. Of course east Cape canal has plenty of fish all you need is Shrimp on the bottom. 


I fished with regular client Sam and his son Mike in Government Cut and South Biscayne Bay. They had Snook, Mutton Snappers, Mangrove Snappers, Cuda's, Jacks, Mackerels, Blue Runners and Yellowtail.



I am at Flamingo with Jorge, his son Gus and grandson Aden. Aden is 8 and all he dreams about is fishing while at home in Virginia. today is the first time he has ever got to go and I was gonna make it a special day for him. On our first stop he caught his first Snook, Trout, Ladyfish and a Mangrove Snapper. We moved around and hits allot of spots because the water was dirty from the recent west winds. Eventually I found some clean water and the fish were there. We caught 25 or so redfish and then a bunch of Snook. The out going tide cleaned up the water enough that we found the mother load of Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish on the way in. Aden was really happy and fell a sleep on the ride in.




I am fishing Government Cut today with Brian and April. On the way out we found some Pilchards and that did the trick. The first fish was a nice Barracuda so was the second then is was a Mutton, a Dog Snapper, a Schoolmaster Snapper and something that pulled allot of drag. It was like this all day until what I think were Goliath Groupers showed up. We had fish get eaten and then the bigger fish just hug the bottom. this happened 7 times and Brian and April would get them half way up and then they would go back down and not budge. It was a blast and Brian is a good angler did his best but no luck at all. We did manage more fish in between the ones that were eaten. Big Mackerels, decent Jacks, Yellowtails, more Muttons and a big Mangrove Snapper. It was allot of fun but it wore them out calling it a day @1230.



Today is my annual Christmas trip gift for my nephews Mark and Andrew. They wanted to fly fish and of course it was blowing 30 mph. We caught some fish but made our way north and found the mother load! 


We were throwing Rapala "Twitch n Raps" and like every year Andrew hooks a big Snook, he does this every year. He is a very good angler and caught a 36 inch Snook. The little guys were mixed in and before long we had over a hundred Snook. We moved on and found more Snook along with some Redfish under the Mangroves. The next spot had Taron a couple weeks ago but today it was the tiniest Snook I've ever seen. There were hundreds of them so they broke out the fly rod. Andrew caught a bunch and the Mark caught a few then I said lets go. Tried some new stuff I had never fished and found a load of Redfish, every cast produced a fish and they were 3 at a time. It was a fun day considering a 30 mph cold wind and no sun at all. We caught over 200 Snook and 50 Redfish and 20 Trout not all giants but it was a great day of getting bites. I'll always ask if the anglers was to stay or leave most people will not leave a red hot bite to look for some thing else. Kids are smart that way!


12- 28-18

I am with Brian his sons Braden and Braxton and friend Brooks. We started out catching Trout, Jacks and a Redfish so I decided to try the pattern from a couple days earlier. I ran to where the Snook were but they weren't as thick, today it was Redfish. These 4 anglers hooked and caught over 100 Redfish on a couple spots today with about 30 Snook. The rest of the day was easy a few mid slot Snook, big Trout and of course lots of Redfish. 



I am fishing Flamingo with Tony Delamanza and his 2 nephews Marco and Julian. We started out with Trout and then kicked it into high gear. We caught a bunch of Redfish and small Snook. We were fishing trees in shallow water which were holding big Trout. Marco made a cast up around a big tree that was laying sideways and got rewarded with a really nice Snook.



 I am fishing Flamingo with Eric Shields his son Kol and his mom Oss We worked the whole back country catching Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and a Cubera Snapper. We bounced around until getting to a spot that's been really good for me. We cast live shrimp and Gulp on jigs and it was just silly, every cast was a Snook, Redfish or Trout. This lasted for about and hour and then it got really shallow and I had to move. The next spot only produced a big Snook for Kol but we worked the shore line down and away from it and it was fantastic! There were Redfish in the mullet schools and Eric started to catch one on every cast. Kol and mom joined in and for about 2 hours it was a Snook and Redfish party. They really enjoyed it!


It has been a blast for the last 10 days and I really I hope it last for a while.The other thing is our Tarpon are in as well as along as it don't get cold they will be active. This is a great time for kids if they if they like to or want to learn to fish. I am a kid and family friendly charters service so give me a call at 305 333 8149 if you would like to have a great fishing experience

Happy New Year,

Capt.Jim Hobales


Go fishing for Christmas!

This past week we had a cold front pass thru it didn’t change much down at Flamingo, although it did school up the small Snook/Redfish. Had a couple days with big numbers of small Snook and Reds, it is fun unless you are in a tournament., which we were. There were some decent size Snook as well!


I fished with Bill and Candace from Gainesville today down at Flamingo. The day started out slow with high water but when the tide got low enough it turned on. They had a nice day of Redfish after Redfish and Snook after Snook at the end of the day.



I am with Pablo, Jesse and their kids, 8 yr old’s Carlos and Alex who was the birthday boy!

We started out with a bunch of small Snook and they were loving it. The fish cooperated and they caught Snook, Jacks, Trout, Ladyfish and Snappers.

When you have young anglers its not always about quality, quantity keeps them from getting bored! They were very happy and probably fell asleep on the ride home!

The fishing around Miami Beach wasn't so bad but we did have to fight the strong winds. We fished Biscayne Bay and Government Cut which produced Jacks, Cuda’s and we jumped a Tarpon.


The fish are biting in South Florida and I cover allot of it. If you have a bucket list fish or just want to take you family fishing give me a call at 305 333 8149. Caught Lookin Charters is a kid friendly charter so don't hesitate to book a trip with them.

I’m offering gift certificates for Christmas, 1/2 or full day. Take me up on this and get a discounted price.

Capt. Jim Hobales


Flamingo or South Biscayne Bay, You Choose!

South Biscayne has been full of fun fish lately, all it takes is a live well full of Pilchards. I took my son last week because its been a while since we fished together. We got out early netted some bait and hit a few spots, all produced an assortment of species. Muttons, Yellow Jacks, Spinner Sharks, Jack Crevalles, Mangrove Snapper, Cuda’s, giant Houndfish, and finished it off with a Snook. We were home by 1230, this is a fun fishery give it a try!

Nice Mutton Snapper!

Nice Mutton Snapper!

This African Pompano was pleasant surprise in the bay!

This African Pompano was pleasant surprise in the bay!


I am with the Rosen Family today at Flamingo, Jeff who is an avid angler brought his wife and kids to experience the Park. It started out slow but we kept at it and started putting some fish in the boat. The caught a bunch of Trout, then Snappers and couple Goliath Groupers. We kept moving around and then it happened, Jeff’s son Scott hooked a big Snook the was running and jumping wild. It took a few minutes but we caught the 10 lb. Snook in and took a few pictures.


It was 2 minutes later and Jeff was hooked up only this fish was staying down. This was a longer battle in an area littered with trees on the bottom. Jeff get up the pressure and a 25 lb. Black Drum came to the surface. We took more pictures and released the monster. There were loads of Ladyfish, Jacks and Trout caught today. We ended the day with a couple more Snook caught by his wife Cara. It was getting late so we called it a day!


I am with Sean O'Neil and his son Ethan and Marvin Gardner at Flamingo. We Started out in Coot bay with a Few Snook, Trout and Ladyfish. We were trying to get the falling tide out in the Gulf of Mexico but had to make a few stops in Whitewater Bay first. The stop really worked out good they caught a bunch of Snook, Trout, Ladyfish and Snappers. Now its time to run out to the Gulf.


The tide was extremely low, it was lower than I had ever seen on a couple areas. We worked the shallow shorelines hooking several Snook, Redfish, Trout and tons of Ladyfish. Marvin also had a Tarpon on for a second. Ethan had a good day catching his fair share of Snook. All 3 anglers got Snook, Redfish and Trout to complete a Slam! On the way in I stopped at one last spot and after 10 or so Trout and a small Snook we called it a day.

Fishing is allot of fun right now its cool in the morning but gets really nice in the afternoon. The fish Seem to like it because they have been biting all day long. December is booking up pretty quick if you would like to have a fun day of catching lots of fish give me a call at 305 333 8149

Capt. Jim Hobales


Go fishing on the Holidays!


The fun fishing days are here whether in Biscayne Bay or down at Flamingo. The Mutton Snappers in and around the channels of Stiltsville and south have been steady. The numbers out weigh the size but the average size is between 15-19 inches and they really fight in1-3 feet of water. There are Grouper, giant Yellow Jacks, Cuda,s and of course Sharks. The Spinner Sharks are probably the most fun Shark because of the jumping and spinning acrobatics.

Flamingo is always a steady bight bite, when I get people who don't care what they catch but want to stay busy I have my best days. This generally happens hen we have kids on the boat.

I fished Flamingo with William Daniell his son Chris and his girlfriend Melindy. Melindy had never fished before so William just wanted here to catch a few fish. The day started off quickly with William landing 3 Tarpon. On our second stop Melindy caught her first fish, a nice Trout. Every one got in on the action catching more Trout, and a Snook. Chris and Melindy were competitive and she was winning early on.

Melindy fighting a 200lb. plus Lemon Shark

Melindy fighting a 200lb. plus Lemon Shark


We were fishing catching everything out there out in the Gulf of Mexico. The list of species is Snook, Trout, Redfish, 20 or so Jacks, 30 Ladyfish, a Goliath Grouper, 2 Lemon Sharks a 30 lb. small one and one that was easily over 200 pounds. Melindy caught on very quick she was casting like she had done this her whole life and beat the giant Shark in about 40 minutes. William coached her to wind down and lift up and eventually the biggest Lemon Shark I have ever had caught was boat side. This was impressive by a novice angler.


We were fishing live Ladyfish in the Gulf of Mexico and had a few big Tarpon bites, although we didn't catch any. These guys were whipped and we headed in with a happy crew!


Fished down at Flamingo with my buddy Paul and his son P.J. It was just a fun fishing day which I use to find new or hot areas. Pau is one of my tournament partners, it helps out because they both can fish and P.J. usually catches the big fish. Today was no different on our first stop he was on instantly. we found some small Snook. He had 3 or 4 before anyone else made a cast. We caught about 20 or so and a couple of really gold Trout. We moved around and every spot seemed to have some small Snook, which is so positive for the next few years.

We weren't done we ran back to some of our favorite areas which I haven't been to in more than a year. We hit one of my good spots and it was loaded with Snook we caught another 20 or so and moved on. It was funny because the spots that had fish were loaded and everything else was not. Paul ended up with a good hit which was our biggest of the day @ 32 inches.


We found some little Tarpon in 1 foot of water and caught 2 and jumped a few more, this spot was loaded with Snook. We also had 4 Redfish that were small but again great for the future. We agreed on leaving it was 1:30 but we made one last stop. It was crazy the Snook were sitting on the edge of a channel and in 15 minutes we caught at least 30, these were some of the smallest Snook ever. They were between 6” and 15 inches but lots of fun. It was time to go now!


The holidays are coming and the kids are off, take them fishing! I am a kid and family friendly charter give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Capt. Jim Hobales


Season starting to Change!


This past week I have fished from South Biscayne Bay, Flamingo and Ft Lauderdale area. I have had success in most of the spots but on Saturday fished Ft Lauderdale under heavy winds and cold front conditions. Flamingo as usual was the hot spot!

 I fished with Paul on the flats of Biscayne Bay with live Pilchards for Mutton Snappers, big Yellow Jacks, Yellowtail Snapper, Black and Red Groupers, and Barracudas. 

I don't take much but these went home for dinner!

I don't take much but these went home for dinner!

Flamingo with Eddie and Rod, we started out with an incredible bite of Snook, Trout and Tarpon. The morning bite was in a light rain and no wind, the rain passed thru and the wind pick up and the day changed for the worse. Eddie did manage to sight fish a big Redfish up in the roots of a shoreline and then a really big Trout. While casting at rolling Tarpon Rod got the hot hand catching Jack after Jack. We also had a Tarpon eat a bait but broke off instantly in the submerged trees. All Eddie wanted was a big Shark and they wouldn’t eat, it took hours to get one. This is when you know the fish aren't eating when Sharks don't play. 

Rods first Tarpon

Rods first Tarpon

I'm up In Ft. Lauderdale fishing with the Yamaha marine division sales team along with Capt. Alan Sherman. There is clearly a mullet run going on in he intercoastal and on the way out Harbor town marina the Snook were blowing up mullet schools. I stopped and pitched out a bait and watched as Snook ate it, there was a language barrier and the angler didn't understand what I was explaining. This happened a few time where he was anxious on the hook set but excited regardless. I had the V.P. of sales and his staff on board today. 

I am with another group from Yamaha sales today, the weather is an issue today. Ayuno, Issac and Jack fished hard with only a few bites. The highlight of the day was a big Snook blowing up on a mullet I had drifting behind the boat. The Snook put in llot of effort but did not eat the bait. 

The winds out of the N.W. at 20 and allot cooler today. The bait schools that were being blown up out of the water yesterday are gone. we worked very hard today for 3 Jacks.

The weather is changing and fish will be fattening up for he winter that's coming, We have a bit of a mullet run going thru Miami right now, if the winds slow down some it could get interesting. If you are interested in a fun day on the water alone, with a friend or  your family give me a call at 305 333 8149. Ill will show you a great day!

Capt. Jim Hobales


Yamaha crew!

Yamaha crew!

Fall is here, its nice out there!

This was a monster of a Tarpon, Rick Toste fought it for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Screen shot from video on computer made it grainy.

This was a monster of a Tarpon, Rick Toste fought it for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Screen shot from video on computer made it grainy.

I am with Rick and Wayne today, we Had an awesome day with Rick landing a monster Tarpon. and a second not so big in the 40 lb. range. My goal today was to show Wayne a great day. we have been friends for a few years and he does allot for people so I wanted to do for him. Wayne runs the Gold Coast Junior Golf tournaments for kids. We have talked fishing for years and I finally got him out.

IMG_1786 1.jpg

The last couple weeks I have covered allot of water on the west side of the state. I have fished Everglades City, Port of the Islands and Marco Island. The fishing for Snook, Redfish, Tarpon and others was very good. We really covered lots of water using live bait and Gulp Shrimp. I also fished the Hollywood firefighters tournament with my nephews. we caught tons of fish but getting them in the slot was tough. Either to big or to small either way we wore them out.

FullSizeRender ll.jpeg

Write here…


Write here…


Great half day with Allen and Frank, first spot produced 10 Snook and 2 Tarpon. We moved on and the second spot was loaded with Trout after 30 or so I said let go find something bigger. We made our way into the Gulf and frank had the hot hand. He was throwing a Twitch n Rap and caught Snook after Snook until he caught a 35 lb. Tarpon. Allen had live bait out the back of the boat hoping for a Snook of Tarpon but ended up with a giant Shark. We continued throwing the Twitch n Rap because it was getting crushed by Snook. Frank had a nice Tarpon eat it and actually crushed the tail of Balsa bait and bend the tail hook a bit. The baits were getting hammered along the shore line and the tide was getting ready to change. I thought man its gonna get good, right about then Allen got overheated and wasn't feeling to good so we called it day. His last fish of the day was a Snook so it ended well for him.

Image 10-10-18 at 12.33 AM.jpg

Its that time of year, mullet are late but should be pouring thru soon. The fish that follow them down the east coast put on a great show.

The west coast has the same mullet run which I have been fishing out of Flamingo for a couple months now. The Tarpon are around in good numbers as well as Snook and Redfish. If you are looking for a good day on the water bending your fishing rod give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jim Hobales


It's Mullet run time!

IMG_1780 (2).jpg

I fished the Take stock in Children tournament out of Key Largo this weekend with Paul Abolofia and his son PJ It was Grueling, we fished a 15 hour day on Saturday and it paid off . PJ had the hot hand catching more than 30 Snook and 20 Redfish on Saturday. They weren't all giants but big enough to score points. Paul gave up the front of the boat to PJ but also caught his share of an incredible bite. Take stock is always fun and I enjoy being there. PJ won top Jr. angler with 74 inches and missed overall champion by 1 1/2 inches. Paul won 3rd place Redfish. Great awards made by David Wirth. Congrats to all the winners!

Mark with a nice Tarpon while pre fishing for this weeks tournament at Port of the Islands!

Mark with a nice Tarpon while pre fishing for this weeks tournament at Port of the Islands!

The fishing is about to get great, the “mullet run” is a few days away. This is where all the mullet push down the coast by the millions and Tarpon, Snook, Sharks Jacks and plenty more follow them. It is an awesome show plus some real quality fishing.

The action down at Flamingo was incredible this past weekend Flamingo. It should stay that way until the first hard cold front which is still months away. Its a great time to catch your dream fish. give me a call and I’ll

If interested give me a call I will keep my reports updated during this period, If interested give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Thanks Capt. Jim Hobales