Fall is here, so are fish!


The past 10 days have been as windy down here as it gets with not many fishing days. The wind finally came down and I had a few afternoon trips out of Biscayne Bay and Made the best of them.

11-03 16

Evans and Jackie from Dallas are here for a seminar and Jackie surprised Evans with a fishing trip. We started out on some schooling Jacks, Jackie had never caught a fish so she was excited. We went looking for Tarpon and they just weren't active. I said let s go find some Snook. It didn't take long and we had 2 incredible bites landing 1 Snook weighing 10 lbs. The bite wasn't crazy but we did watch some Snook blowing up Shrimp in the shadow line of a bridge. We threw live bait and a some glow shrimps but no bites. We called it a night @ 10pm.


Evans said one of his friends at the seminar might want to go tomorrow and I said tell him to call he did first thing in the morning.



George called and we set it up and I met him and Laura, we got out at 3:30 and found bait which hasn't been easy. We started chumminga shore line that holds Snook , Jacks and other species but today was only Jacks today. It wasn't bad for non anglers we put 20 or so 1-3 lb. Jacks in the boat on bait and lures. We went looking for Tarpon and found the mother load. we had mullet and Pilchards but never got a bite. We moved on and a friend saw me and said there was a great bite going on in the inlet. I said thanks and was on my way, that's when George said we want to go in.

I dropped them off and headed to the inlet where I hooked up immediately in 40 minutes I had 2 Snook, 2 Tarpon to 20 lbs. and 2 lost fish. I just wish they would of stayed!

We are in headed into some good time in the next month, water and air temps are both comfortable . Its actually cool at night and early in the morning which will turn on lots of fish.

We will be catching lots of quality fish between Biscayne Bay and Flamingo down in Everglades National Park. If you want to experience something deep into nature in a national park you need to see Flamingo down at Everglades National Park.

If you are staying on Miami Beach and down want to make the drive then Biscayne Bay iscloser and has plenty of fish also. Hopefully your excited about coming down to South Florida and catching some fish if you are call me at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jimbo