Fishing Down at Flamingo

I am fishing down at Flamingo today with Fred and Gus. I was hoping for pretty calm day but when I pulled up I noticed the flag was stiff with a strong wind blowing. We launched the boat In Whitewater Bay and went looking for Tarpon, the wind wasn’t so bad first thing. On our first stop we had some Tarpon rolling around the boat. Gus had one roll up on his lure but miss it right next to the boat. We moved on and caught a few good Snook and big Trout on every cast for  40 minutes.

 We got to the Tarpon area 8:30 and it didn’t take long , Fred hooked a giant @150lbs. and fought it for a minute but then the big girl thru the lure. We had 6 or 7 Tarpon roll up and hit lure but ever take it. I kept changing lures and they seemed to respond tothe deeper divers worked slow. Gus was next, his drag was screaming and a really big Tarpon came out of the water straight up in the air. The lure went 20 feet higher than the fish did, this was Gus first Tarpon, pretty cool! We kept casting at fish in the area and had a handful more short strikes and boils.