Fishing Florida Bay

I am fishing Flamingo today with Perry and his son ALy today, I decided to fish Florida bay because the Whitewater Bay side was packed. We started out catching bait (pinfish and Pilchards). The first spot I went to had no water so I ran out west to catch incoming tide and caught some Trout,Jacks and Ladyfish. We set up a nice drift with baits out and Tarpon rolling all around us but no takers, the Sharks usually will eat all your baits but not today. We ran out and looked for some Tripletails on the crab traps and we found some. They weren't giants but most were around the keeper size. I think teaching people how find and catch Tripletails is one of the easiest things I do. Most people really get into looking for them and when they spot one they feel like they really helped out. This was the case today once Perry got the hang of it he felt like a pro we hooked a bunch and Ali got a really good one for dinner.  We moved on and went looking for Redfish and Snook . The tide was moving in but the bite really wasn't on yet, Perry says I got one! His line moving and pulling some drag . I sat there watching as the Redfish came up to the surface with a 8 foot Bull Shark right behind him that ate him. Man that's always disappointing! We kept at it and ALy was casting a new Arashi Top water lure I just got. It got slammed and we couldn't make out what it was at first all we saw was the flash. A couple minutes later a big Trout comes to the surface and then had another on come up on it. This was it for the day, the winds just picked up to 25 mph and there is no more bite. I ran back to Flamingo but high winds and muddy water just di not help us out. It was late and we called it a day.

The fish are here but the conditions keep changing , so everyday has been different. I don't mind to much but its hard to pattern them right now. They will settle in here by mid April, everyone is in Tarpon mode right now but I've been doing little of everything. If bending the rods are what you are looking for give me a call at 305 333 8149.