Tarpon Were in the Air

This morning I am fishing out of Government Cut with long time client Sam Rose and his grand daughter Natalie. I had got out early netted some Pilchards and picked them up at 8a.m.. We ran to Government Cut and on first drop on the north jetty we had a double Tarpon hook up, both rods doubled over and two 20 lb. Tarpon were in the air. Natalie’s came off and then Sam’s fish was also gone it happened so quick they didn’t know how to react. We had caught the tide perfect and got those hookups right before it went slack. It was getting a little sloppy so we  ran inside to try bending the rods. The bite was non existent so we ran down to Key Biscayne and found some Tarpon but no bites. We went to Bear Cut bridge and found some more Tarpon. We put out our baits and had a few Jacks eat them, then we had a different type of bite. The rod doubled over and Natalie was holding on, when she finally got the fish to the surface to my surprise it was a Flounder! We took some photo’s and weighed it was 3.8 lbs. it was going to be Sam’s lunch. We mad a run back to Government Cut and had 2 good bites both came off so we called it a da.