High winds have helped Snook bite!


I have had some really good days this week fishing Whitewater Bay and north to Ponce Bay. The reason for fishing Whitewater Bay is because the winds have been very strong @ 20+ mph and I've been on a really good patter. I have had my customers throwing Rapala Twitch n Raps and Shadow Raps and eventually using finger mullet and pilchards. This pattern has produced allot of Snook, Trout, and a few Redfish while looking for or fishing for Tarpon. 



Bob usually fishes with friend Charlie but his alarm didn't go off. Bob couldn't get a hold of him so he came alone. It wasn't windy this morning so I had big plans for Bob. We had and interesting day with lots of quality Snook, Trout, Jacks and Sharks. There was an hour of craziness with baits getting hit constantly on the change of tide. With a live well full of finger mullet the plan I had was changed by afternoon onshore wind which picked up to @ 20. We worked our way back thru Whitewater Bay and headed back.



I am fishing Flamingo today with Ken, his son Nathan and his brother Dave. It is blowing 20 + this morningso we launched and headed back to Whitewater Bay. These guys were out for a day of fun and some dinner. We started out with some quality Trout so dinner was taken care. It was really windy so I couldn't find bait on my bait spot, not to worry I have a back up spot. I went looking for bait but wind was hurting us, so I said let cut up some ladyfish and try for a Redfish until bait shows up. We had a decent fish pick up our bait and it ran right by the boat, Ken picked up the rod and fought what ended up being about a 200 lb. Bull Shark for about 20 minutesbefore getting cut off next to the boat. While Ken was fighting the Shark the Tarpon started rolling all around us, I had the other guys start casting at them but they couldn't reach. The bait had got more active as we were waiting and a school of pilchard popped up, 1 toss with net and we were loaded up. They weren't really into the Tarpon but wanted to bend rods so that's what we did. I started to live chum and we had a few blow ups. The mullet schools were getting blown up an I set up and started to chum that spot. We really caught allot of fish there,  It was 3 at a time . The bite was mostly Trout up to 23 inches but Ken caught a nice Redfish. The tide was getting right for another spot so we made a run. It didn't take long and the rods started to bend we caught a few big Jacks, had a couple more Sharks eat our baits and go for run and then a big Snook wrapped Dave around a tree. We were an hour north so we headed back towards the dock, we hit a bunch of spots with live chum. the game plan was to find some big fish with the bait but no luck and the guys were beat, time to go.


It's only going to get better in the next few months, if you want to get in on this action give me a call at 305 333 8149.

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