Incredible action!



I am with Bill, Craig and Leon today and its windy again, we are in the Whitewater Bay back country. The day started off quickly with Leon putting 6 fish in the boat before the other guys, the reason I know is he kept letting them know! It was competitive between them and the fish were cooperating. We had a nice bite of Snook, Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish, and Snappers all on Twitchin Raps and Shadow Raps. It wasn't 10 o'clock and we already caught allot of fish. We found some mullet and went looking for a Tarpon. We got out into the Gulf of Mexico and put out a live finger mullet and within3 minutes we had a giant Tarpon hooked up. We did not know what it was for 30 minutes because it never came up, but it made some runs that gave it away. Eventually it jumped , it was a  big Tarpon. Only half the Tarpon jumped out, it couldn't get up out of the water. Bill did a good job and 1 hour and 20 minutes later we got it up next to boat for some photos. We had some fish hit our mullet but some how not get hooked up, we watched as a  big Snook hit he mullet 3 times and never ate it. We missed a Tarpon and another Snook didn't understand how they could keep missing the baits? The guys were bet and called it d.ay