2 Grand Slams, awesome day!


I am Flamingo with Scott and Sean today, we are  fishing the Whitewater Bay back country because the winds are up out front. We started out with a couple small Tarpon and were on our way. On our second stop we got into a few Snook and a bunch of Trout, Mangroves and Ladyfish on Rapala's. We were throwing Twitchin Raps and Shadow Raps and the bite was on fire. We already had Snook, Tarpon and Trout and it was 9:30 we went looking for Redfish! We rigged up some Gulp Shrimp on 1/8 ounce jigs and went fishing the fall downs. Scott was first with a 22 inch Redfish and then Sean hooked up right after with another 23 inch Redfish. We got back to looking for Snook and Sean got another good one on a Gulp. We ran out into the Gulf of Mexico looking for some big Tarpon and we found them. We were casting at them with assorted lures and also put out a live mullet, they stayed just out of range. One of our mullet got picked up and scaled but because of the wind and the bow in the line we never saw the bite. We had one good bite there and it was a big Sawfish, 3o minutes and a break off we headed in. We made one last stop, we were back to Shadow Raps and Scott was hooked up with a big Snook. This fish was hot and trying to get back into the trees and thru the lure after a minute. I rigged a live mullet and handed the rod to Sean, he made the cast into the tree we were fishing and was on! Another big fish Sean got him next to the boat and we landed it and took some pictures. We made a few more cast and the Trout bite was insane ,we caught Trout 3 at a time for 30 minutes with the occasional Snook. It was 5 pm and time to go, Great day with 2 great brothers.