Cold and wet today!

I am with Pam Marmin and her friend Kathy from Colorado today. Kathy fly fishes in the rivers out west but has never fished here . We went back country this morning because I have been doing well back there. The morning started out with some Trout in the 17 inch range much bigger than the ones Kathy catches out west. Pam and Kathy were hooking fish left and right Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and Snappers. Kathy was constant with her fly rod and caught 2 fish in the back country I had never caught before. She caught 2 Lane Snappers which aren't common back here. We went looking for Snook and Pam hooked a big one n a Shadow Rap, she stuck it good but it still thru the hook. We moved on and found some Pilchards and netted them. I ran down the coast and fished the pilchards until the light started. The weather was getting colder and there was some serious rain on the way. We started to head in but stopped a couple times on the way. We pitched some pilchards up into a tree and bam Kathy was hooked up to a her first Snook. We fished really hard but even with the pilchards we couldn't get the fish to eat. We were soaked and cold so we headed in and it was in a driving rain. As it always works out when we got to the ramp the sun came out.