Fishing was tough but we caught lots of fish!



I  am fishing with Dave and Phil today at Flamingo, its  part of a 3 boat 3 day group trip. We started out good today, I thru the net once and loaded up on finger mullet.  We hit a couple close spots because of the high water as we pulled up a few small Tarpon rolled in front of us. We started out throwing Twitching Raps and had some action from Snappers ,Cudas and Jacks. Dave had a big blow up on his lure but the fish missed. We put a mullet in front of a Tarpon which didn't even look at it. We ran west hitting some spots along the way and stopped at Middle Ground where we caught 30 or 40 big Trout. We kept running looking for some Tarpon in the Gulf but never finding the mother load. Everywhere we fished today was loaded up with big Trout. I hit all my Snook spots but they only had Trout. We caught tons of fish today just never getting the glamour species.




I am with Phil Sr. and Phil Jr. and we launched in the back country of Whitewater Bay. We started out in the Lane River area and had a couple really good blow ups on top water plugs.  We got into a small pond and found a bunch of fish but couldn't capitalize on it. We netted some mullet and went looking for big fish, with the exception of some big Sharks we didn't get them. I asked if the wanted to catch a few Triple tails, they said they have never caught them. We got out into the Gulf of Mexico and the were everywhere. Every crab trap had at least one and up to 5 Triple tails. Not sure how many we caught but somewhere around 20.  Very tough day, lucky the Tripletails played!



I am with Phil Sr. and Dave today and wear running ay north today, but first I spotted some small Tarpon on the way out. I left my remote for trolling motor in my truck so couldn't get on them. Phil made the first cast and jumped a nice one. After running back to dock we are finally on our way to Highland Beach area. I'm telling you we had great conditions and the fish weren't biting. We had Tarpon rolling around the boat and great falling water over oyster bars but it was tough. We used live Mullet, Crabs and lures but again today it was Trout. Phil did manage a nice Snook that we worked so hard for. There was really no shortage of Trout they saved the day again.


This was as tough as it gets but we still caught fish and it will get better. Snook will start to show up on the coast in the next few weeks. If your interested give me a call at 3053338149


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