Flamingo is Hot!

We are getting into the warm summer months but that isn't hurting us. Soon it will start to rain everyday and cool off the water, the afternoon rains always brings good fishing. There should be a bait runs out on the coast moving from the north to south, when that's happens the coastal fishing gets red hot. 


The fishing has been steady for Snook some Tarpon and the Trout bite has been unbelievable. It has still been windy the last couple weeks which helps in the back country but not so much in Florida Bay.  On most recent Trips  good friend Raul  his son little Raul. They got some really nice back country Snook on Shadow rap Shads and Twitch n Raps.  Raul Sr. Also jumped a Tarpon and between us caught 30 Trout up to 23 inches.  THere was also Jacks and Mangrove Snappers all caught on Rapalas.


I fished Flamingo with my son James and his friends Johnny and Danny, it was on the breezy side and they wanted to fish the back country.  Danny started us off with a couple jumped Tarpon on Twitch n Raps and then we had a couple Snook on Rapalas Skitter walks. The winds picked up to 20 plus mph so we started to fish the points along the rivers in Whitewater Bay. I was throwing a Shadow Rap and got hit hard the fish ran out to deeper water stopped and made shard run into the trees. As we tried to get close to it I released  the pressure and it ran back out and jumped. This fish was a monster and we had a hard time getting it into the net but eventually did. We got a few pictures, weighed ( 20lbs)and measured this big girl 44 "s then spent 10 minutes reviving her. It was my best fish in Whitewater Bay topping my last by 2 pounds. We spent the next hour catching Trout up to 22 inches 4 at a time.   The conditions were getting bad but we managed to hook 3 more Tarpon on the way in.


Im and with Jim, Lory and their son Cory today at Flamingo, conditions were ok this morning but couldn't get them to bite. We ran around a bit found a bunch of Trout, Jacks and Snappers. The tide in the morning was week but got stronger later in the day and that's when we found the Snook Stacked up. we had a few all on artificials which makes it way more satisfying.  The tide slow and the fished turned off so we called its day.  


Captain Jim Hobales


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