Family tournament weekend

It was a nice weekend down in Islamorada fishing the Pace Spartan fishing tournament from the captains meeting on Friday night thru Sunday when it was time to come home, I got to see a bunch of friends that I only see when I'm down there.

I'm fishing a team consisting of my son James and his friends Johnny and Danny, we ran from Islamorada to Middle Cape only to be disappointed by dirty water. two day before it was clean and we had a bunch of tarpon and Snook there but it changed. I told them just keep casting until we find the Jacks and Trout and the Snook won't be far behind and it worked out just that way.

The only problem was we caught 75 Jacks and over 50 keeper Trout while waiting for more Snook to show up. I was waiting for the tide to get higher but the wind was keeping it from coming in and I couldn't get to my spots. the winds were fairly strong and I made a bad choice on where to go because all it produced were more Trout. The short fishing day didn't work for me this time as far as putting a few more fish into the boat which would of gave a chance at winning. Having a new team not familiar to tournaments they forgot to turn in score sheet any way, again my fault I should of done it.


Big storm came thru this week and once the water clears it going to get good, bait should be pushing thru and fishing will turn on.

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