Find Bait Schools to find action!

I am fishing Flamingo with the Hernandez Family, Mario Sr., his son Oscar, his son Sebastian and cousin Mario Jr. These are some of my best friends and its becoming a tradition to fish the sons on their birthdays. I have been fishing with Oscar and his brother Mario for over 20 years as we are all members of the Miami Sport Fishing Club, its funny because now I'm fishing their sons.


We started out on a pretty good number of Tarpon rolling all around the boat, but we got nothing but a swirl behind the lure. We caught a few Barracuda's which were faster than the Tarpon. We ran out west netted some mullet and drifted Cape Sable where the Tarpon were rolling, they were not eating so we moved on. We eventually got on a bite and Grandpa Mario was hooked up to a big Snook. He told the grand kids watch him and learn, well he was constantly hooked up to something. Sebastian hooked a really nice Tripletail which were coming by us pretty good, we had a few hook ups. Mario Jr. hooked a decent Snook and Sebastian follow that up with a Tarpon. It was getting late and hot but we made a one last stop for some Trout on the way in.


I am at Flamingo today with my wife Lourdes and nephews Mark and Andrew and we are out for some action. The same Tarpon I started out on a couple days ago were gone so we moved on and caught some bait. It was an easy day because Mark is getting pretty good the things like rigging and throwing a cast net, it saves me a lot of wear and tear. We found some Snook and had 3 bites, then there was an explosion on the shore line. There was a 8 foot Bull Shark eating the fish we were trying to catch, this spot was done. We move around a little bit until we found some good action along the beaches, There was some Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish for constant action and Snook mixed in.


We got on some Tripletails and a few Sharks for Andrew and a few other species but action was constant all day. We had found loads of pilchards along the beaches and tried to put them to use. I had been on some feeding Tarpon on the incoming tide but it was hot and I decided to call it a day.

The fishing down at Flamingo is really good and should stay that way thru the next few months, if you would like to give it a try give me a call at 305 333 8149.

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Capt.Jim Hobales