Fishing is Red Hot!


I am fishing out of Haulover this afternoon with my great clients Ross, Mindy and their daughter Reggie. I got to the ramp and it was 96 degrees and waiting on the full moon to rise. We found some bait and went out looking for something to eat them. It was breezy which helped with the heat! We found some Snook and big Jacks but could not get them to react to bait or lures. We moved around and finally ran down to Government Cut only to find a really rough inlet. We gave it a shot but took a good one over the bow filling the boat with water, this might be a problem in some boats but not a Pathfinder. We kept the boat moving and all the water drained out the back. We ran inside and caught a few fish but it was tough, we waited on the moon but by then it was raining. We called it a night and sat at the dock talking for a while over a beer!


I am at Flamingo today with Kathy Widener, her daughter Jackie and her husband Arron.  We started out catching bait and turned it into action on our first spot. We had a couple great bites on pinfish only to double the rod over and let go, we eventually caught one. Kathy caught a 24 inch Redfish and I was wondering if the baits were to big, which don't make sense. Jackie had a giant hit on a 6 inch pilchard, but lost it on the hook set.

I have been fishing with Kathy and her husband Rick since the beginning of my guiding career and she is a real angler. They are real strong on the hook set and I tell you her and her daughter can set a hook, sometimes to hard. The Snook bite wasn't really happening and I told them we had to wait on the tide and as soon as it started to come in. Guess what, The fish started to eat and the rods stayed bent the rest of the days. The Tarpon were everywhere and every time we drifted a bait pass a certain spot it got hit by a Tarpon. Meanwhile quietly on the back of the boat Arron is just getting crushed on every cast by big Jacks and up to 15 inch Snapper. Arron let the girls have the front and was happy back there. It was a frenzy for a couple hours and it just goes to show you have to be in the right place right tide phase. On this day this mother/daughter combined to catch .  "Back Country Grand Slam"

. Great job Ladies!



I just got back from my vacation and fishing has been "Red Hot" so I'm itching to get to the park. There are some great signs right now and  baits are pouring thru. If you are interested in fishing Flamingo or anywhere else give me a call give at 305 333 8149.


Capt. Jimbo,

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