Harvest moon was tough on daytime fishing!

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I'm fishing the 23rd annual Firefighter and friends Redfish tournament out of Port of the Islands today. I am with my brother and his sons Mark and Andrew. This past weeks Harvest moon was a giant, bright and had allot of tide movement, it also made fishing a bit tough during daylight hours. The fish did bite for a short period of time on Saturday, we had a 30 minute spurt of good action on bigger fish but smaller the rest of the day.  It was impressive on how low the tides got today, it seemed like the fishing would of been much better. We did have some Snook all were on the small side and we lost a couple really good Redfish. This is the curse of tournament fishing! It was Mark and Andrews first tournament and they got some experience both good and bad.



I am fishing Flamingo today with Jimmy Muniz and he has dreams about catching a Tarpon. I started out in Coot Bay looking for some little guys, we had some shots but they just weren't interested. He told me he had never caught Snook or Redfish before either so I said lets go find some. It was kind of easy before we got out of coot bay we had a very small Redfish and a couple 22 inch Snook. We ran up north and just hit everything and had a good time putting a dozen Snook in the boat.  He did hook up to a monster that ran thru some roots and finally got him into a tree but showed itself enough to know what it was. It was my big fish spot! The day was full of fish Jacks, Snappers, Ladyfish, Trout, Snook and Redfish. It wasn't his first time there but it was his first time catching fish.


I am fishing Flamingo today with Ross, he usually brings his wife Mindy his good luck charm . Today he has his best friends Al and Scotty they aren't anglers, at 9 A.M. Al asked if it was time to go, Ross is a die hard angler and we stay late usually. I could see Al wasn't all that crazy about being there but enjoyed the sights. We fished hard and Ross caught a few fish Redfish and Snook. We had to get these guys involved some how! Al was perfectly happy sleeping on the back of the boat while we put some baits out for Tarpon.


We are still waiting on the mullet to make their way down here to Miami Beach area, once it does it will get crazy for a couple weeks. The fishing will get back on track the next few days once that big moon starts to fade. Ill be down in Key Largo fishing the Take stock in Children's tournament this weekend. We are at the time of year where it can be average today and fantastic tomorrow all depends on tides where your at. If you want to get in on some of this action give me a call at 305 333 8149

Capt. Jimbo