Hurricane Bite!

The past week was effected by Hurricane Hermine. It didn't really hurt us weather wise but some of the things that go along with big storms is barometric pressure and wind made for some good and tough times. There was periods early in the tides that really produced some great action and then it wood just quit. I was lucky enough to catch fish in those while they were biting. The winds were blowing pretty good some mornings and that's the benefit of fishing Everglades National Park we have the back country of Whitewater Bay. When it's windy find where the tide is moving and fish the points, this really produces fish, every one isn't a monster but there's always a chance.


 I'm fishing with Bruce Carlton at Flamingo today, when we pulled up it was blowing @20 mphso we launched in Whitewater Bay. We started out with a couple small Tarpon and then moved on. We ran east and north and started to hit all the points while storms pounded Key Largo and move north thru Homestead. we had some incredible Snook action while the sky's were blue once they got over cast and the tide slowed it was over. We tried everything and everywhere but it was nasty and there was no bite. It was time to leave!



I am with good friend Mario Hernandez, he has one of his customers with him today. He brought Jim and his son Chase from Sanford, Fl. to experience the Glades. It was really windy this morning and the storm which has been spinning around out in the Caribbean finally turned in to Hurricane Hermine. The action was good early on again today with a pretty nice Snook, Trout and Snapper bite. This was a different experience for me today because Jim had a prostatic left arm but it didn't slow him down. He had the hot hand catching Snook, an 8 lb.. Jack and some big Mangrove Snappers. Mario and Chase got into the action catching a few more Snook, Jack Ladyfish and Snappers. The winds are steadily increasing up to 30 mph but we continue hitting windy points. It paid off Jim hooked a monster of a Snook and it was off to the races. The Snook made a good jump letting us see how big it was, it made another run and leaped up throwing the jig. Jim did a great job but it's one of those things. The weather turned for the worse and so did the fishing, I think the barometer was dropping as the storm turned into a hurricane and the bite stopped dead. It was an interesting day but we called it a day.




 I am over in Everglades City today pre fishing for a tournament in 2 weeks. I have my friend Paul and his son PJ. I hit all my tournament spots and we ended up with a bunch of Snook and a couple really good Redfish. We saw some fish which gives me hope that we an do ok.

We are getting into a great time of year, mullet run time. This is when millions of mullet push down both coast and everything that swims follow them. We also have some of the best fishing of the year down at Flamingo Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and every thing else that swims. If your up to it give me a call at 305 333 8149. This is a great time of year to teach your kids how to fish there is plenty of action.