Cold weather days produce! Plenty Black DRum and Snook

I am with Bob and Charlie today and we are fishing Flamingo, the weather is nice but there is a full moon and a breeze. The past weekend cold front packed the fish together in holes and creeks which makes it easy when you find them. Today was that day and we started out with a great Snook bite which lasted for an hour until we moved on. The next spot we got into the Black Drum and some larger Snook. There were a couple of big bites which never got into the boat! Bob had a giant Black Drum he fought for about 8 minutes and the hook fell out of its mouth, this was a giant! Charlie had a big bite also but his turned into a Snook, when the fish broke the surface we saw the 40 inch Snook. The excitement took over an the fish fell off the hook as well as we attempted to net it. There were plenty of fish today and the guys were tired and out of beer.

pep r.jpg

I am down at Flamingo today with "Pepe" and Jose Luis today. The conditions have warmed up a bit and the breeze was down first thing in the morning. We stayed with the same pattern as the previous week but it was slow today, I had a few boats in the area and I never saw any quality fish caught. I kept moving around until I found some hungry fish The first was a small black Drum and then a few cast later a bigger Drum. The Trout turned on as we were waiting for a tide switch, we caught them on Shrimp, Gulp Shrimp and plugs. We moved around some and finally got into where we wanted to be. The Snook were blowing up finger mullet so I netted some. These fish are hard to get to because of the trees that block the spot but eventually we got one to eat. We tried for more but no luck so we moved on. As we were running a pretty big storm came thru but it calmed the wind for about 30 minutes. That's when I noticed what I thought were big Tarpon blowing up Mullet as I was wrong they were giant Snook. Jose Luis was throwing a Gulp Shrimp up against the shoreline and had a nice Snook but it wasn't what was blowing up mullet. Pepe says I'm on and the rod doubled over but the fish let go. We put a fresh Mullet on and this time it was the Snook form Hell. This 20 plus pound monster ate the bait and jumped head first into the motor bouncing off it. The next moves had Pepe running around in circles, we had the beautiful monster laying sideways. One last surge before we could get the net on it and it nicked the side of my boat and was gone. I really wanted that fish but S@#t happen.

Fishing is fun right now it is mostly down at Flamingo because the winds have been brutally Strong. The Shrimp are running at night and that means Tarpon and Snook should eat them in the inlets and along the beach, but the winds need to come down some.

Flamingo is as good as it gets as well, Snook, Black Drum,Trout and Redfish. There has been numbers of Cobias and Triple Tails in the in the garbage can In the cleaning room so the bite is on. Give me a call at 305 333 8149 if you up to catching some quality fish.

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