Calm today - Rough Tomorrow in Biscayne Bay

I am fishing out of Haulover Marina with David, Mike, Jeff and Charlie. David said he would of like to catch Tarpon when we spoke on the phone. Our first stop Jeff hooked a really nice Snook which we ended up loosing when it jumped. We ran to Government Cut to fish the out going tide in pretty calm conditions. We set up along with a few other boats and instantly had a bite Mike caught a good sized Yellowtail. This bite continued with Mackerels ,Grouper, and a couple fish that were eaten on the way up. Its hard to fish 4 guys without someone being left out! Jeff, Mike , and Charlie had the right spots because the were constantly hooked up. all of a sudden we had 3 Biscayne rods double over, all 3 were Tarpon. Its time like these you pray for but we had a couple issues, a circle hook broke , a troll right straightened and the third fish jumped off. I got them rigged right back up and within minutes we had a rod doubled over Charlie grabbed the rod and fought the fish for 20 minutes we finally saw the big silver slab of his Permit. The funny thing is he didn't even know what it was! We had a couple more fish and 1 other Tarpon hook up but the winds picked up over 20 and the bite shut down. We worked our way back towards Haulover Marina but there some bad weather following us, this was an incredible 1/2 day trip.

I am fishing Flamingo today with Scott and his son James, it is his birthday. The forecast is windy really windy! We launched the boat into the back country side and made our way out. We stopped in Coot Bay and started the day off with some great Trout action. I wanted to get up into Whitewater Bay before the winds got really bad and blind cast for some Tarpon. We gave it a half hour or so but I could see they wanted something else. I hit every spot I have and with the exception of , Jacks, Snappers and Ladyfish there was no bite. The water was muddy with winds pushing across so the baits never even got into the strike zone. The difference ended up being finding some cleaner water somewhat out of the 30 mph winds over on the east side.  We stuck it out for the full day and had some laughs. I told Scott I have been fishing back there along time and that's the roughest day I have ever fished. Once it gets over 25mph,  I know now its not really fishable.