Good fishing days and Hard fishing days in Biscayne Bay

I am in Government cut this morning with my son James and his friend Danny. It is the day before the cold front come thru and it warm, calm and the fish are biting. We started out pretty quick with some Mutton Snappers, Hog Snappers, Mangrove Snappers, Yellowtails, a giant Sheephead, big Jacks, Mackerels, and finished it off with a couple of Permit hook ups. The Tarpon were all around us but no bites from them. We were done at 1100 A.M. and got Danny home in time for work.

I am with Mark and Andrew today in Government cut, it cold today with a strong North wind. Running to G. Cut my pipe stand in the livewell popped out and all my shrimp got suck out of the live well so I had to make a 10 mile run back to get more shrimp. The Tarpon were really thick when we first got into the cut just before 7 A.M. I was marking a big school. It took an hour to get more shrimp and when I got back no Tarpon any where. the 3 or 4 boats in there looking couldn't find them. we settled fishing for the other species and hoped we would get a Tarpon or Permit bite.  We caught Mangroves up to 18 inches, Spanish Hogfish, Grunts, a really big Porgy and a couple Mutton Snappers. The wind was making it tough but we managed a good half day of catching dinner.

Flamingo today, plenty of Snook and Redfish

 I am down at Flamingo today and we have some really nasty weather, its 49 degrees, winds out of the N.W. at25 and oh yeah its raining. I pulled up and see my customer Chris Peterson and his grand kids Tian and Nicole and her boyfriend Nick. Chris prepared them for the weather all in heavy foul weather gear only Nicole was in sandals. It was a cold,wet ride and raining out west where we were heading.  We waited it out but couldn't find many fish for most of the day. The tides were extremely low and we worked all the run offs we could, the tide was so low the run offs were up above the water. The prize catch was a keeper Trout and some Snappers. I kept moving around and finally the tide started coming in and we found an area that had fish they only bit for about 40 minutes but we did get 4 Snook and a Redfish and more Snappers. It was 1 o'clock and Tian had the shakes, Nicole was freezing so we called it a day.

They came to Florida from Washington State for some warm weather!

They came to Florida from Washington State for some warm weather!