Happy New Year!


This year has started out cool and windy I've already been changing and cancelling a couple dates. The bonus of he cool days is its going to put the fish in a winter pattern finally although no one was complaining about the late season warmth. The nice part of last week was there were still plenty of Tarpon after the cold snap. This weeks colder weather will hole up the fish down at Flamingo and the push the Tarpon into Government Cut. These are the best 2 choices of where to fish in the next few months.   


I am fishing with my good friend John Paul Rochfort and his family from Canada. He brings his grandson Michel every year and we hook him up with a little bit of everything we can in N. Biscayne Bay. He also had his daughter and her husband along for the ride. Michel is 6 and is crazy about fishing! The winds today are @ 20 mph so we stayed in some of the more protected areas. Michel caught a big Jack right off the bat and then every one got in on the act with big Jacks. Michel was casting a Gulp Shrimp and hooked a really nice Barracuda that had him screaming. It was tough finding and area that the wind wasn't blowing waves of the sides. We ran down the 36 St. flats and caught some Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and Cuda's.


I am fishing with the O'Quinn family David and his twin sons Arron and Jacob today down at Flamingo. We fished a little deeper water and watched as the Tarpon blew up the mullet as they came by. Jacob had a good hit which ended up being either a Dog Snapper or a Cubera, it had great colors of gold, orange and red, but wasn't a Mangrove. We caught several other mangroves out of the same spot and I showed the guys the difference. David caught a 25 inch Redfish and we had some fish we never saw break off. I netted some mullet and had 1 get busted by a Tarpon but missed it and never came back for it. It was only a half day and they wanted to really bend the rods. I ran to a Trout spot and we bent the rods for the last hour with Trout, Snappers Ladyfish and Jacks. They were happy and it was time to go!

It's that time of year to bundle up some in the morning but the fish should be easy to find in numbers, this goes for the Flamingo area and also Government Cut. Remember when its breezy on the beach there is usually areas we can fish down at Flamingo. We have Whitewater Bay which is just full of places to hide and not so great days . The big Tarpon will show up In Whitewater Bay after a few days of warm weather and the water temps this is an awesome fishery. These fish can go from 70 lbs.and as big as 180 lbs. and allot of time we are sight casting them. If interested give me a call at 305 333 8149.

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Capt.. Jim Hobales