Breezy days produce plenty of Snook!



I am fishing Flamingo today with Ricky and Stan, they were supposed to fish offshore for Sailfish but it was going to be way to rough for them. Ricky asked if I would take them and I said we could find some calm weather in the back country. It was breezy but we managed a bunch of Snook early on and then a bunch of Trout. We ran a round looking for some bigger fish and found some rolling Tarpon. I put out a couple Mullet and it didn't take long but it was a big Snook which ended up running us thru the trees and eventually breaking us off. This happened 3 times and we just couldn't get them out of the trees. It wasn't the easiest day the winds were up to 30 mph but we managed a back country slam with both angers catching Reds, Snook and Trout. Not bad for a blown out windy day, I  had allot of laughs with these guys. 



I am fishing Flamingo today with my good friend Mario and Wade, we started out with a decent bite of small Snook as we worked our way north to Little Shark River. Once there we netted a ton of Threadfin Herring and then put them to work. The tide was super high and the bite wasn't great but we managed some Snook. We worked our way back into Whitewater Bay and found the mother load of Trout. We caught Trout 3 at a time for 45 minutes and then moved on. One more stop and added some more Snook and then tried for Tarpon with all the live bait, they would not play. It was time to head in with some tired anglers!








I am fishing Biscayne Bay today out of Haulover Marine Center with Gary from Montreal. We started out with some Jacks that were crashing baits outside the marina. It is blowing 15 - 20 and we have to make the best of it. We fish all the grass flats in Miami The first stop produced a couple bites and a 3 lb. Jack. The next spot produce 20 little Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. We then ran into Government cut with some live Mullet and also pulled some plugs along the jetty with no bites. It was tough and rough! We ended up the at back on the Trout flats and it got red hot! We used finger Mullet and Pinfish and had a solid bite for about and hour. He would catch a fish and the other rod would double over.  I would released and bait them as fast as I could. We also had some Bonnet Head Sharks come in pull some drag. We went thru all of the bait so we called it a day. 

 We are really due for some good weather it been windy for a few weeks and although fishing has been good, there are places we cant fish. We are coming into our winter months and that means Tarpon are close on both Miami Beach and the Whitewater Bay area. The rest of the cast of species will be around also when the water cools down. If your looking for a fun day of catching give me a call at 305 333 8139. 

Captain Jim Hobales

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