Mild winter bite, so far!



I am Flamingo today with Steve and his sons Sinan and Adam, Its breezy today so we ducked into the mangrove's. We pitched live shrimp on jig heads and corks and had a good morning. The first fish we caught was a black Drum which put up a nice fight and showed me what they wanted. We caught Snook, Tarpon, Trout, Snappers and Ladyfish until they quit biting. We moved on and hit a bunch of spots just keeping the rods bent. It was only a 5 hour trip and I tried to get everything we could but they had to get going. We did have a back country Slam today!



I am at Flamingo today with Derek and his son Will. I saw some Tarpon yesterday and was hoping the winds laid down for today but it was still blowing this morning. Will started off the day with a nice Redfish and a few Trout but wind straight out of N.W. was tough. We caught a handful of Snook and decided to run around some and look for Tarpon. There were a couple boat near the area I wanted to fish so I just hit another spot as we were sitting there Tarpon popped up all around us. We had live mullet out in the middle  but no hits and bait or lures. Derek did manage another Redfish. The afternoon slicked off and we found some really big Tarpon. We drifted thru the area with live mullet and had a couple shots with lures but Derek said they had to go. It was perfect and I should of went back out but instead I dropped them off and went home. Derek and will caught a couple back country slams today, it is a nice accomplishment!




As I'm driving home I said I have to come back tomorrow but I wasn't booked so I called my nephews, they can fish and all I have to do is call. We got out early and the winds were up so we went Snook fishing and waited for the winds to die. The bite was good and we caught 30 Snook or so all on Berkley Gulps!  I also caught a Small Tarpon but that's not why I came back today. We ran around and just waited for the wind to slow down some but it never did. We had netted some Mullet with my new net from Barracuda Nets. Thanks to them for adding me to their pro staff, great net with a fantastic warranty!

We did hook a monster of a Snook on the coast but it came loose after a big run and jump. We caught a bunch of keeper Trout and went back looking for Tarpon. I found them but wind was cranking and they weren't biting so we called it a day.


We are into our getting winter months and it still 80 degrees, once we get a few cold fronts thing will change some but there are allot of fish around. Its hard not to fish for Snook with the crazy bite that's been going on but sometimes we try to complete the backcountry slams. I'm just about catching lots of fish and bending rods and keeping a smile on customers face. If you would like to fish in Biscayne Bay, or on Miami Beach for Tarpon of go deep into Everglades National Park (Flamingo) give me a call at 305 333 8149. I can handle 4 people comfortably. I can also do gift certificates for a Christmas gift. 

Captain Jim Hobales

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