Good time to bring your kids ,fishing is Hot!



I did an afternoon trip today out of Haulover Marine center with John, Mo, Vivian and Penny. We did some Trout fishing in North Biscayne Bay, along with the Trout we caught Jacks, Mangroves and some Bonnet head Sharks. Mo also hooked a tarpon under the Haulover bridge.




 I m with Bob Webb and his sons Jay and Coleman and we are fishing Government Cut. They just wanted to catch fish so that's what we did! They caught Mangrove Snappers, School master Snappers, Bar Jacks , Yellow Jacks, Jack Crevalles and a Parrot fish. This was fun until a Tarpon Crashed the party and ate a Mullet that was tossed into a bunch of fish that rolled behind us. That fight lasted 45 minutes until Jay got tired and Coleman took over and put a little to much pressure on the fish braking it off. Bob hooked a 15 lb. Barracuda next, for guys who never fished saltwater they did pretty good. We ran into the day and tried to finish of with Trout but all we hooked were Bonnet head Sharks. The Sharks seemed endless we caught one on every bait we threw out and never got a Trout. The guys were very happy with the trip and were on their way to hank out on South Beach!





I am fishing Flamingo with Tom and his son Victor today. We fished Whitewater Bay and had a good Day catching Snook, Redfish and a bunch of Trout all while casting at Tarpon. We also had some Ladyfish and Snappers mixed in.



I asked my nephews mark and Andrew what they wanted for Christmas a gift or a fishing trip, I knew the answer before I asked! We headed down to Flamingo looking for big Tarpon and it didn't take long we were in them  pretty good. The only problem is they weren't eating yet. we bounced around and caught a bunch of Snook waiting for the tide to change a little. It was slick calm and they were free jumping all around us. I never really saw any one else hook up but we stuck to it. We had a few right around the boat and all of a sudden Andrew has something pulling allot of drag! He said I just made a cast with the Hogy swim bait, as the fish was running I was trying to figure out what it was by the way it was fighting. We ruled out Shark and if it was a Tarpon it would of jumped at some point back there in shallow water. The fish swirled on the surface that's when I said I think it a big Snook. It came up and tried to jump but it was so big it couldn't get out of the water. the fished really pulled and by now there was a lot of screaming about how big it was. Andrew did a good job getting this big old girl next to the boat and that's when we notice it was a monster, the biggest one on my boat in the back country. I grabbed the fish and pulled it in the boat and it was as big as Andrew who isn't all that big. Got some quick photos and videos and made sure to revive this fish. That was one heck of a Christmas gift, just the way I planned it. To top it off he got a small Tarpon on the way in!




The fish are all in the right places right now and I'm putting my anglers on them. The big Tarpon  are in and I'm hoping to catch a bunch of them this week. The Tarpon are in Government Cut and also in the Everglades so no matter where you want to fish we have a shot a them. The Snook fishing has been unreal for the last few months and shouldn't change any. There are a bunch of other to catch also so give me a call at 305 333 8149 and set up a trip. Wives and Kids welcome.



Captain Jim Hobales

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