Snook are biting in Biscayne Bay!



It's been a busy and really good week for Bay fishing down at Flamingo. I have fished every condition and wind direction and for the most part have produced great catches of Snook, Tarpon, Redfish and Trout. My anglers have used live Shrimp, Mullet, Pilchards and artificials like Rapalas and Gulp Shrimp. Every one of these baits have produce Snook over the 10 lb. mark. and plenty of smaller fish. The Tripletails have finally shown up in good numbers out on the buoys so we are eating good now. There were some Tarpon around in the back country and out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fishing Flamingo With Felix and Sons

I am fishing Flamingo today with Felix and his sons J.C. and Alex, we ran out west we had a full moon and a super low tide. I wanted to catch the incoming and look for some Snook, black drum and maybe a Tarpon. We sat out the and nothing was going on and that's when I decided to run to where I had caught some tarpon 2 days before. I ran to a bait spot but no luck then we ran about 10 miles out of the way to another bait spot and found the silver flashes.  We netted a bunch of bait and ran back another 10 miles and put them to work. it all paid off with J.C. hooking the first Snook and it was big weighing 12 lbs. The bite wasn't fast and furious but we were patient and Alex hooked a monster the fish ran in and around everything she could but we managed to boat this 36 inch and 18 lbs. trophy. We finished off the day trying to get Felix his Snook but he caught everything but a Snook. The full moon was a minimal factor today, the Tarpon that were their the day before never showed them self.

Fishing Flamingo Miami


 Flamingo fishing Tarpon and Snook

 I am with Tim K. from Colorado again today down at Flamingo, he had a great time last week and wanted to get out again before going home. We started out pretty quick with a good Snook and then went looking for Tarpon. We found some in crystal clear water but only managed a Shark hook up. I decided to run up the coast a bit and we had a couple more Snook on live finger mullet Tim was enjoying it. The winds picked up from the NW at 20 plus and made things tough. We fished a bunch of areas and caught some fish but things were tough. We got a late start today and it was getting dark so it was time to get in.

Flamingo Fishing Snook Miami


Flamingo fishing, Trout for dinner!

 I am with Bob Jim and Billy down at Flamingo, they wanted to catch some fish to have a Valentines days fish fry for the wife's. We tried for Redfish first but it didn't happen. I then ran out to a grassy area for Trout, we got on a slow bite but had 20 or so but only 7 keepers. I said we going out for Tripletail hey didn't really now what they were. We got out and found a nice one and then another they had dinner but we kept looking. We probably saw a dozen or so  which was nice because they haven't been out there. We cast at them over and over having different things spook them. We ran back and caught the incoming tide and really killed the big Trout. We must of caught 50 or so keeping a total of 12 for their dinner party.  It was time to go and clean fish!

Flamingo fishing Trout Miami


I am with Jeff today at Flamingo and his day started out with a 10 lb. Snook on a Gulp Shrimp, pressures off already. We continued to catch different species like Trout Jacks Ladyfishand a couple more Snook but the winds were killing us. I worked the lee of every island and it kept his rod bent, Jeff was extremely happy with the way the day went.


Biscayne Bay fishing trip!

 I am part of a 3 boat trip today out of Biscayne Bay. We have the Yamaha Motor Corp. executives in town for the boat show. We pick them up on the Miami River and ran south to Stiltsville . We had some live bait Pilchards and Shrimp. We put them to work and caught a bunch of Barracudas, Jacks and Mangrove Snappers . It was a short morning they had a meeting in Ft Lauderdale so we were done at 113

I got a call and was asked if I was interested in running the new Sea Vee Bay boat at the Boat show, I said yes and worked the boat show for 3 days.

The fishing has been good, lots of big fish and its only getting better. Caught Lookin Charters is a kid friendly / family oriented as well as hard core guide service . If you are interested in a great day on the water catching fish give me a call at 305 333 8149.

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Capt. Jim Hobales