A little bit of Winter left !

90 year old Warren and his son Greg, North Biscayne Bay. 

90 year old Warren and his son Greg, North Biscayne Bay. 

This past week has been a mix of species from North Miami to Everglades National Park (Flamingo). The winds have continued to effect the fishing but when it has come down there have been Snook, Trout, Tripletails and lots of cast at Tarpon. The water temps have been anywhere from 66 to 73 degrees and throw in the winds and cold fronts it set our Tarpon fishing back a week or so. The cool weather really sparked the Trout fishing with 50 fish days no problem. It seems like things are ready to bust loose in the back country, there is allot of Mullet stacking up in some of the bays. The Snook are hitting Rapala's fished around the windy points. The Tripletails haven't been really plentiful but the ones I'm finding are giant, this will only get better.  The next 3 months are all about Tarpon make plans early because it does get busy!


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It should be long before we get into a big Tarpon Bite and the Snook wont be far behind. If you are interested in fishing Biscayne Bay, Government Cut or Flamingo for Tarpon  give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jim Hobales


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