Fun week!

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The last week has been interesting I have either fished North Biscayne Bay, Government Cut or Holiday Park for Bass. The Trout fishing has been really good for bigger Trout in the 22 to 25 inch range. The Tarpon are around and they seemed to bite late the one night I was out. The Cut always produces something if you drop a shrimp to the bottom Mangrove Snappers, Yellowtails, Hog Snappers, Mutton Snappers, Spanish Hogfish and Groupers are the by catch while waiting on Tarpon.


 I am fishing Biscayne Bay with Greg and his 90 yr old Dad Warren who wanted to catch Sea Trout. He had caught all the fresh water species of Trout and wanted to add Sea Troutto the list. We left Haulover and hit a few spots on the way south, I rigged up a shrimp on a cork and pitched it up against a sea wall and showed Warren where it needed to be. It took all of about 30 seconds before a Snook ate the Shrimp and was running away. It ran into a bridge piling and that was It!  The next spot produced quickly Greg was throwing a Rapala and hooked a 23 inch Trout shortly later he caught another. We moved on and now it was Warrens turn he caught his Sea Trout and many more using Pilchards. he also caught a big Bluefish, a couple Cuda's and Mangrove Snappers. It was only a half day so we headed in.



I am fishing with Ed and Sara tonight looking for Tarpon in and around Government Cut. We managed a bunch of fish off the bottom while waiting for things to get right. Ed did have a big bite and the fish ran up the ledge and cut him off that is a Tarpon trick. That was our only big bite for the night. We stayed out until 9 o'clock and I heard they bit later.


Luc is here from S. Africa fishing with his friend Serge


I fished Holiday Park today with Serge, Luc, Rob and Robert. It was Serge's birthday present from his wife Dawn. These guys were allot of fun and we put a "hurtin on the fish". The fish weren't giants but the rods bent constantly and these guys were loving it. They caught 25 Bass up to 2-8 lbs., 1 chain Pickerel and 30 or so Oscars which hit and pull hard on light tackle. Great morning fun guys!


Serge having a great Birthday with his friends!


I am fishing with Sam Rose one of my regular customers for the last 10 years he brought his friend Kirk today. We started out in Government Cut and caught a decent Spanish Mackerel and a Blue Runner right off the bat. We were waiting for the tide to switch and once it did we got one Tarpon hookup. It didn't last long one jump and gone. That was it except for a couple Trigger fish. it was getting bumpy and Sam is in his 80's and set let's go somewhere calmer. We ran inside to the piling flat and got on the fish pretty good, first Sam caught a 15 inch Mangrove on a Shadow Rap. Kirk hooked up and had a big Trout pulling drag and really shaking its head. I got the net out for this one, it measure right at 25 inches a monster. All of sudden the surface erupted with Mullet and big Jacks all over them first Kirk hooked one which let the hook go. They blew up again and Sam cast right into the Blow ups and hooked one he couldn't stop. Of course he had it on the lightest rod in the boat, it took us about 25 minutes to get it boat side. as I was netting it ran one more time and nicked the side of the boat and cut Sam off. He was done, but we got a great look at it. I guessed it between 18 and 20 lbs. Sam sat and told stories while Kirk hooked several more fish in the 22 to 24 inch range. There were also as bunch of not so big Trout. 


Big Trout have been active!

If you enjoy fishing, catching and sightseeing while on the water it is the right time of year to get out there. There is a bunch of action and its just fun fishing. I will be doing allot more Tarpon fishing in the next few weeks but its been fun this week. If you have kids and they want to get out on spring break I'm your guy, if your serious about Tarpon, Snook I'm also your guy.

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Capt. Jim Hobales

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