Tarpon are Here, so are Sharks!


 I am fishing Flamingo back country (Whitewater Bay)with the Stretcher family today, it is breezy again today but manageable. We bounced around lookin for action, we used a combination of live Shrimp, lures, finger Mullet and Pilchards. The first spot produced a little of everything mostly Trout but with 4 people casting it adds up quickly. Greg caught a nice Redfish to go along with a bunch of Trout and Snappers. We ended up out on the coast where we caught amore Trout, Jacks and a Snook by live Chumming. We also had some Sharks eat our baits but it was very slow today.

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I am Whitewater Bay again today with Brian Williams his dad Joe and son Nick. I should of started out front today but I knew where the bait was and I figured I would run around and hit the Tarpon when I got some mullet. We caught all the regulars on the way up to Shark River including Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and a Small Cobia. The Snook were none existent back there for a couple days and the conditions are really good. Tons of bait and really good looking water but no Snook! I made our way out to the Gulf of Mexico and found some rolling Tarpon and waited for a big Snook bite but the Sharks got in on us. Brian and Nick didn't mind fighting them catching a couple Lemons and Black tips up to around 9 feet long. I had a live 1 1/2 lb. Ladyfish in the livewell and rigged it up for Tarpon. It sat out there for a few minutes and we had a big wake approaching. The fish circled the bait and really made it nervous, then we saw what it was. The giant 10 ft. Tiger Shark rose to the surface and smashed the Ladyfish cutting it off right behind the head. I then pitched it back out and caught one of the smaller Black tips that roam around out there. I had gota text telling me where there where a bunch of Tarpon so we headed that way only to get side tracked looking for Triple Tails. There weren't many around but we caught one and then ran in lookin for Tarpon. It was late and they wanted more Trout so we head to the Trout flats caught a bunch along with Nick land in 50 lb. Spinner Shark that was hooked in Pec Fin this made it fight allot harder. We landed the Shark and it tried to come over the side and bite me, that was enough we headed in.



I am with Espn Mike today fishing Flamingo. My intentions were to put in on the FL. Bay side but the wind was cranking. I launched the boat on the Whitewater Bay side and headed out didn't go far and found a bunch of 10 -25 lb. Tarpon. We got one to the boat and hooked and jumped 8 or 10 more. I had really good conditions for Snook so we looking for them. On the first spot the bait was all over this bar between 2 islands while Mike was castingwe ahead a blow up 50 ft. behind us and another around the corner and then another across from us. They were there but we didn't get any bites! We moved on and kept going at it but the bite sucked. We kept on fishing and made our way out to the coast. There were some Tarpon free jumping and rolling so we put out a few live Mullet but the Shark ate every one. It was pretty windy and we didn't get any real casting opportunities at them.

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We changed it up some, I handed Mike a Rapala Skitter Walk and we work down a shoreline. We started seeing a few fish and Mike sight casted a big Trout that was cruising. It had been kind of quite and all of a sudden we were into a few fish. Mike had a Tarpon blow up on his lure and miss it but it was awesome to watch. I said lets go try the spot we left earlier. We set up and he had 3 or 4 hits finally catching a Snook. mike was worried about missing his flight so we packed it in and headed to the dock.


It don't sound like fishing is all that great but we are catching lots of fish in some tough weather conditions. The spring Snook bite should get really hot with the amount of bait pushing down the west coast. There are plenty of Tarpon around Miami and the beaches as well. The winds will start calm down in the next week which is perfect since the Tarpon are in pretty good. I like to catch Tarpon whether is with lures or bait and if you feel the same give me a call at 305 333 9149. 


Capt. Jim Hobales, 


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