It's raining but Snook are Biting!

This has been a very rainy weekend but luckily not where I have been fishing. It has skirted us several times but for short periods and not having to wear rain gear. Snook bite has been on fire!



I'm down in Key Largo today fishing with the Barrow family Kevin, Shawn Ashley and Kelly from Santa Fe, New Mexico. As we left the dock and stopped at first spot the sky turned purple and we had to make a run away from the massive storm, we sat in shell Creek and waited about five minutes for it to pass. We moved on and fished around Tarpon creek and a few other spots which produced some big Trout up to 22 inches, Snappers 14 inches, Jacks and Cuda's. It was only a morning trip and time really flew by!





I am with Yamil and Robert today down at Flamingo, it was their first time and didn't really follow directions to get there. When Yamil text me he was still at the front gate, I went out to look for baitwhile waiting. Instead I maid a few cast and caught 7 Snook and jumped a Tarpon. Yamil called and said they were there, I picked them up and ran right back to the hot bite. It didn't take long and they were hooked up with a few 3-5 lb. Snook. I went and caught bait as they caught Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. Once I had a bunch of Pinfish and Pilchards it was time to produce some fish. I had them casting Gulp Shrimp and it was on! The Snook were killing the Gulp Shrimp. We covered allot of water and got bites at almost all of them. There were some missed fish but they did a good job of hooking them including two caught Tarpon, 1 which jumped in the boat The catch of the day was Robert, he caught a Monster Snook which weighed 18 lbs. It wasn't a sunny hot day it was overcast and the fish just loved it. I'm not sure how many Snook were boated by them it was a bunch, throw in 20 or so Trout and then another 15 Jacks, a Shark and a giant Ray but we were really busy today.





I am at Flamingo again today, I'm fishing with Alistair, Phillip and Dexter. Our first stop on the grass flats was to catch bait while they casted for Trout. I was throwing the net as they were pulling Trout in 3 at a time. Once we had enough bait we starting to hits a bunch of spots. Dexter had what appeared to be a big Tarpon eat his Gulp Shrimp while retrieving it,  It hit and missed but the spot was not really happening. The next spot was on fire as we approached all 3 guys made cast and all 3 hooked Snook. For the next 2 hours we caught Snook on Gulp Shrimp sometimes 1 or 2 at a time including Redfish and nice Triple Tail. These guys were Jamaicans and wanted to eat fish so all they wanted were edible fish. They had no interest in any more Tarpon or Snook just edibles. Alistair said lets go to your best Trout spot and we did. We caught at least 40 trout in the last hour up to 3 lbs. These guys were going to have a serious fish fry!

Fishing has been really good and will continue to get better thru the summer,  the Tarpon will show up on the coast here soon and that's always allot of action. The fishing down in Everglades National park (Flamingo) gets red hot as well as the temperatures but that's when they bite. I have trips designed for hardcore adults or also the family which wants a day on the water just bending rods and teaching kids what its all about. If you would like to fish with me give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales

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