Vacation and a New Skeeter 23 Bay Boat!

Miami Skeeter Bay Boat


I haven't been fishing much the last 10 days or so while selling old boat and getting into new Skeeter bay boat. The good thing is Ill be up and running again this week ad just in time for several tournaments and regular clients.  Its like Christmas for me . 


I did a Flamingo trip with Ross and Mindy from Chicago looking for Tarpon. We found plenty and had a few eat our Mullet but that's as far as it went, they would not stay hooked up. I had netted some Pilchards so we went Snook fishing. It was fast and furious but Mindy as usual caught all the Snook. 


I am with Dereck and his son Will today, we are fishing the Whitewater Bay side of Flamingo. We started out with Will catching a great 32" Snook for the first fish on my new boat. We found some Tarpon and they were feeding but tough to get to. We had a few smacks and jumps but non were landed. we bounced around until we ended up on the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. We only had 3 Mullet and all 3got eaten. The first was hit 3 different times and they all swam with it coming at the boat., we were using circle hooks and if the fish is coming at you just have to wait until he changes and starts pulling drag. That poor mullet was beaten up but never eaten. The second Mullet was hit by a big Snook, Will grabbed the rod and put some heat on it but the big Snook ran under a pile of trees. The Snook was stuck because the line was wrapped, we got up on this fish which was easily over 15 lbs. We are trying to stick the rod tip under the logs and that's where it got bad! A big Lemon Shark heard all the commotion and swam up and ate half of the Snook, the Snook still shaking gets hit by 2 Sharks and its gone. The was a really big Girl and its a shame that happened. The last Mullet was eaten by the 9 ft. Lemon Shark which will fought for 30 minutes until he couldn't anymore. Dereck took over and we got the Shark up and released it after a couple pictures. They also caught some nice Jacks and Mangrove Snappers. The first day with my new Skeeter 23 was a success.


I'm back on the water with a new 23 Skeeter Bay boat, everybody watch out! If you want to have fun and catch some Tarpon and Snook down in Fl. Bay the Gulf of Mexico or the back country of Everglades National Park give me a call at 305 333 8149. 

Capt. Jim Hobales

Instagram @caughtlookincharters.