It's hot and fishing is hotter! Miami Fishing on Fire!

Miami skeeter bay boat fishing

I am with Ben and his 2 sons Hayden and Kirin, we fished the back country of Whitewater Bay today. We started out with a Ben catching a 15 lb. Tarpon on a Twitch n Rap. On the next spot the kids turned it on catching big Snappers, Trout and Redfish all on lures. We moved on and the next spot produced more Trout and Ben had a few Snook blow up on his lure. We kept moving around chasing the outgoing tide and finally found Ben a Snook that would stay hooked. It was only a half day trip and we ended it by letting the kids fight some really big Sharks. The first Shark we hooked too a couple hundred yards before cutting us off. The next bite was a 7 foot Lemon which gave all 3 of them a chance to fight it, after 25 minutes we got it boat side for pictures and released it. 

I am fishing Flamingo with my son James and his friend Danny, we are in Whitewater \Bay again today. We started out by hooking jumping several small Tarpon, We ran north netted some mullet and ran into the Gulf of Mexico looking for Tarpon. We were casting mangroves for Snook when all of a sudden the Tarpon showed up. We cast a couple mullet in them but were surprised by some really big Snook. It was on we caught 6 big Snook while jumping Tarpon off left and right. We eventually got a Tarpon to the boat but what a blast watching the show. The Sharks were bad, we didn't lose and Snook or Tarpon to them but a smaller Shark got hit.  It was 12 o:clock and we were on our way home!


I am fishing Flamingo today with Ross and Mindy. Ross loves Tarpon so I told him we had to catch some bait and get out to the Gulf of Mexico. The baits only took a minute and we were gone but as usual the Tarpon weren't rolling . We waited and then the tide hit the right spot and boom they were everywhere. I had Ross throwing a Top water an that was the trick today, they were hitting on every cast. We had a few eat the mullet and we had our issues with them as well.  We had solid action for 2 hours and then it was over. The funny thing the Snook that were there a couple days before weren't' eating today although Ross did have a 15lb fish eat the top water and throw it. We made our way own Middle Cape and found some Snook on the beach and ended the day fishing live mullet for Tarpon. The fish turned on again and we only had 10 mullet left, they all got ate by Tarpon and Snook, what a day! Mindy has got a ton of Snook in the years we have been fishing together but today she caught her fist Tarpon. 


It has been a pretty good few weeks The rain has stopped the winds are gone and the fishing is very good. If interested give me a call at 305 333 8149.


 Capt. Jim Hobales

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