Hot August Days fish are still biting!

I'm still in the new boat stage getting allot of things taken care of and trying to learn the new Skeeter 23 Bay boat. I have had a few trips in the last week all to Flamingo and we have caught everything that swims. 


I am with Tom one of my golfing buddies today at Flamingo, he brought his whole family his son Tom and his 2 sons Jordan and Jake and a brother in law Scott. Well I do have this bigger boat now and it fishes big. We had netted some great baits which all died due to a technical issue with pumps. That problem is solved now but killed me that day. We caught lots of fish the Twins had a great time catching Sharks and Scott had some quality hook ups but we will never know what they were. We ended the day catching a ton of Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish.  We only fish till 1 so it was time to go! The cool part of the trip was Tom Jr. brought his drone and got some great footage and pics. 

0803 17

I am at the annual Hooked on Kids fishing tournament in Key Largo the staff and CaptainMike Haines do a great job putting this on. I can tell you no one goes hungry at this tournament! I had Rick his friend Preston and his son Corbin. We made the long run to Flamingo but first we stopped at an old spot that produced a few bite. We had some small Snook blow up their top water lures and put a bunch of Jack, Snappers, Cuda's and Ladyfish in the boat. We finally ran to Flamingo and got up into a mullet mud where we caught a bunch of Trout and missed a big Snook. The next spot produced a 31 inch Snook for Corbin and some more Jacks and Snappers. This tournamentdon't give a lot of time so you have to get it down quick. We were trying to get Corbin the most species and we need a Redfish. We went to a spot where they were but we only caught Snook, Tarpon Trout, Jacks, a couple Sharks and a big Sting Ray. We needed to get back to Key Largo by 2:30 so we decided it was time to go. We didn't win any of the prizes but it was a great day. 



I am with John and his daughters Katy, Kelly and little Jack and we are fishing the back country this morning because of the wind. We started of missing a big Snook and it was tough from there on. we managed Jacks, Ladyfish, big Mangroves. It wasn't an easy day even with live bait. 

If you are interested in a fun day on the water give me a call at 305 333 8149, the fishing will be stay strong thru the next few months.


Captain Jim Hobales

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