Open for Business, lets go fishing!



On Monday I was out with my son James and Nephews Mark and Andrew chasing the mullet run. We hit the jackpot today as far as hooking Tarpon, every mullet we put out got hit. We ended up catching 8 for 20 not including the hits and just pulling the baits off. Today was all tide related, we waited for things to get right and when it did it was on fire. 



September is generally a slower month for the fishing business, local tournaments usually keep me busy. This year most tournaments have been postponed for a while because of Hurricane Irma. We are at the beginning of the Mullet run and I've had some really good days in the last week.


 I am planning my first trip to Flamingo area on Saturday so that will give me a good idea on what to expect over there in the near future.


I am open and available Miami Beach and all of Biscayne Bay will be on fire for the next 2 months. I need the business $350 for 5 hours of fishing out of Haulover Marine Center if interested give me a call at 305 333 8149. 


Captain Jim Hobales

instagram @ caught lookin charters