Spring is here, hold on!


We went from a few weeks of high 80 temps in February and then winter set showed up in March. The last few weeks have been cold by Miami standards but that don't mean the fish haven't been biting. The best part of having a bit of winter is its keeping the fish from making early migrations! The cooler temps will put them in the right places for the next few months. The Tarpon are in good numbers on Miami Beach right now and still eating decent size live Shrimp, they are also on the bridges in Biscayne Bay. The Tarpon on the beaches and inlets will star to eat live crabs right around the beginning of April and that's where we are at right now. This past week We caught them at first light on shrimp and lures so it pays to be first out there. 




Flamingo has been making me work and run around but i have been finding fish. The Florida Bay side is really a mess and has not cleared up since Hurricane Irma. Luckily the Whitewater Bay side in my opinion benefited from all the fresh water run off in the back country. The Snook bite is very consistent with loads of small Snook and lots of nice Trout. February had the most incredible Tarpon bite, and actual amount of fish back there like we haven't seen in a long time. The water temps back there are starting to get back into mid 70s but I'm not sure if those Tarpon will make it back in, most probably find them on the coast. You can only hope they show up because it one of the best show you will ever see. 



The best eating fish out of the park is the Triple Tail which we catch several different ways but the fun way is on the crap pots. The days I have ran the traps have been really good either for lots of fish or big fish. There have been a couple small Cobias on the traps this year. This is some fine eating. 


I cater to families with kids and try to pass on some tips as well as proper casting techniques, if they can cast very good in the morning they will by the afternoon. Remember dads the kids just need to bend rods they don't need trophies, the more they catch the easier your day!


I've been all over the place lately and there are fish everywhere so give me a call at 305 333 8149 and tell me what you dream fish is and we can go give it a shot. 


Captain, Jim Hobales


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