It was fun while it lasted!


This is Bob, that's the look of a guy who just jumped a 150 lb. Tarpon!



Its been a very busy last few weeks, again! I am not a really fast at typing so the reports don't get written until I get days off so here we go. 


The last month warmed up and the Tarpon fishing down at Flamingo (Whitewater Bay) was incredible, fish were in places they hadn't been seen in in years. It was easy to find them because the would leap out of the water about 6 feet and show you were to go. It was fun enjoyable to watch and then when you finally hook up it s the hardest hit ever. There weren't that many days when the fish were there and we didn't hook up until the full moon and a pretty strong cold front came thru last week. The water temps were 82 on Friday afternoon and steadily dropped thru Sunday morning down to 71 degrees, this is bad for us looking for them. The fish disappeared and places that were stacked with hundreds and maybe thousands were empty. This came at a really bad time because I had a film crew of Obsession of Carter Andrews on the boat for a couple days. I don't know how many we saw if any on Sunday but Monday we got on them but couldn't get them  to react. We used  Lures, live bait and still no takers for the longest 2 days on boat ever.


I had my great customer Ross the next day and he was here because of the hype, I told him I should of canceled the trip! Ross always want a big Tarpon, we got lucky and had a 2 Tarpon bites, a handful of Snook, Trout, Jacks and they made it back for there 4 o'clock t-time


I haven't spent much time fishing Miami in the last month but I did one night trip last week and Managed to hook 3 big Tarpon on a night that was really nasty. This is the time of year the Tarpon turn on in Government Cut and along the beaches of Miami. 


We had another cold front as of this writing so Tarpon fishing in the back country will be slow for a few weeks but hopefully we will get them out on the coast in a few weeks. This brings the Miami Beaches alive so  I have the best of both worlds. 


Spring break is here and if your interested in fishing or teaching your kids about fishing give me a call at 305 333 8149. 





Captain Jim Hobales