Rod bending at it's best!


This past week was full of fish, Tarpon, Redfish, Snook, Trout, Sharks, Snappers, Pompano and Bluefish. The funny thing is most were caught everyday. The Tarpon have been really thick again and that's always where I want to be. Tarpon are work some times, they don't eat when you are there and that's when the other species come into play. This week we landed hundreds of Trout, a bunch of Snook on the Smaller side and even Redfish which have been scarce lately. 


We had plenty of Tarpon hook ups but no caught fish the last few days. They were hooked on several different lures and some assorted live baits. We have had a few big fish that either startled my anglers or in one case pull the rod out of his hands. It was a giant too! The Tarpon made 2 jumps throwing the hook and the cork came backup. We motored over grabbed the cork and pulled in the line still attached to the rod. I am always glad when its not my tackle that goes overboard. We had Slams every day the Tarpon did not allow us a Grand Slam! 

IMG_1328 (2).jpg

This past week has been buddies week, I had 4 good groups of friends and even a bachelor party on board. Great week, lots of drag screaming, a bunch of fish jumping in the air and of course the happy customers.  

IMG_3042 (2).jpeg

BThis business is tough on tackle, boats and equipment. There are a couple companies out there that really take care of the customer base. One is Power Pole the shallow water anchoring system.Tthanks to Nate who got me back up in one day, second is Inshore Marine Specialist, thanks Booby for getting the trolling motor fixed. These 2 things are vital running a bay boat, and you become dependent on them. 


The fishing has been very productive and seems like it will remain steady thru this up coming full moon. It's just been allot of fun chasing Tarpon showing my customers the fun side of fishing Everglades National Park. There are fish in several other areas as well Miami Beach is loaded with big Tarpon chasing Mullet, there are Tarpon along the Biscayne Bay Flats and a few other spots as well. If you are interested in bending a fishing rod and having a good time give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt. Jim Hobales