New Year is on Fire!


The New Year has been very interesting especially down at Flamingo in Everglades National Park. The numbers of fish have just been incredible small Redfish and Snook are just everywhere in huge schools. I have had days of 20 to 100 Redfish and then tow in 30 or so Snook and its fun, lots of rod bending. The downside is they are between 10 and 20 inches but in shallow water they fight really good. Don't get me wrong we are catching a few good ones also.


I fished Flamingo with Walt his son Austin and friend Kevin The weather was cold and there was a giant rain front sitting on south Fl, luckily it didn't rain on us all day.The day started out slow with a couple Snook and Trout. We moved a bit and found a bunch of Reds in a little deeper water, after 30 or so we moved on. We got into an rea that had been pretty good for a couple weeks and it was again today. There were both Snook and Reds and close to 75 fish caught. Walt did catch a 32 in Snook there. Next stop 2 more nice Snook one by Kevin and Austin had a nice 28" incher. On the last stop of the day there were Tarpon feeding on small minnows, I had Kevin throwing a Gulp swimming mullet!  Kevin hooked up with a nice Tarpon which jumped off, a few cast later he was hooked up again. This time we landed the 15 lb. Tarpon. Water temps were 68 degrees and the Tarpon were feeding, that's a little bit of luck. Great days with lots of fish!


I am with Bob and Charlie long time clients and friends at Flamingo. I stuck with same patter today a bunch of Redfish early on along with some Big Trout and decent Black Drum. Today was almost the same as above report just loads of fish with tired anglers. On our last stop on the way in I looked for the Tarpon again, no luck today. There was a couple big Snook and a Redfish there to end the day. 


To our surprise there was a giant crowd at the marina as we approached there was a 40 ft. Whale lying on the boat ramp. It was a rare species called a Brytus Whale which had been floating around for a few days and was towed in for the scientist to loo at.


I am with Bob and Debbie from N.Y. at Flamingo, again today not changing where I started. There were a handful of Redfish in there and just down the shore line a bit some real nice Black Drum and Snook. We caught fish and waited for them to bite it wasn't constant but consistent.


The weather was great and I asked if they were interested in catching Tripletail, Bob said he always heard about it but never did it. We took a ride out into the Gulf of Mexico and ran the traps. We ran a few miles before finding them but once we did there were a bunch. Bob was a natural catching 3of 6, the other got around the traps and came off.


I stopped one more time and hit the mother load. Bob and Debbie caught a Redfish on every cast for 40 minutes, I was also casting and handing off to Debbie. She was constantly fighting a Redfish, we rain out of Shrimp and caught some more on jigs. There were tired it was time to go, great day great people!


We were curious about the whale that had been sitting at the ramp in the morning, the show was over. The whale had been put on a flat bed truck and taken away. 


I am fishing Government Cut with my son James and buddy Paul. We caught a bunch of Mutton Snappers, Yellowtails, Mangroves, Bar Jacks and Big Sharks in a couple hours of fishing. 


I am with fishing around Miami Beach with long time client Sam, he has guest Sara and Serge. Sara never fished before and had the hot hand on Yellow tail catching one after another. Sam and Serge were catching Muttons Snappers, Jacks Blue Runners and Cuda's. 

After a few hours of this we called it a morning.


Fishing is really looking up as I write this, Miami Beach as well as Flamingo. The cold fronts have stopped for know and weather is trying to remain stable. This produces fish so I'm ready. If you would like to get out and give it a try give me a call at 305 333 8149. Caught Lookin Charters is family and kid friendly so don't hesitate to bring them

Capt. Jim Hobales