Incredible day with incredible Marines!

I am in Islamorada fishing the Project Healing Waters, this helps marines that might be struggling with assorted issues. From the reception Monday night breakfast at the Lorelei Tues Morning and dinner Tuesday night it is a very well organized event. I had the privilege of fishing with 3 great guys Dan, Tim, Darryl who just took it all in, from the ride over to the sights around Flamingo.
The fishing was spectacular from first cast which produced a Snook. We caught Tarpon Snook, Redfish, Big Trout, Goliath Grouper, Shark and Jacks. The very cool part is I had a camera man from the Florida Sportsman Waterman show documenting the 3 marines day. Incredible day with incredible Marines!

Marine dan.jpg

This event is totally about helping Marines cope and I was honored to help. #projecthealingwaters.

marine dan snook.jpg

Ben along with his dad Bruce had a pretty good morning, the first couple fish were Jacks. Once we got by the Jacks it was Snook , Trout, 4 Goliath Grouper,(coming back pretty good) jumped a few Tarpon and a couple big Lemon Sharks. The fish ate a combination of Gulp swimming mullets and live pinfish.

I called the day at 1230 because of the heat, 105 heat index and that's what it felt like. We caught allot of fish and they were very happy.,


We have been very fortunate this spring and summer for some of the best and most consistent I can remember. It looks like it will remain pretty good, we have had some cleaner water and fish have returned to all the places we used to catch them before the big grass die off. With the cleaner water we are able to see where there is decent grass on the flats and that turns into some great catches. If you are interested in a adventurous and fun fishing trip give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Capt .Jim Hobales