Fall is here, so are fish!


This past week there has been some great fishing as the results of the Take Stock in Children tournament showed.

On Friday with the Thacker Boone group we had an incredible afternoon with big Reds, Trout, Snook and a 150 lb. Tarpon for a minute. They also had a Sawfish some Sharks,Jacks and Ladyfish.

Friday night was the Take Stock captains meeting and fishing starts fright after. I was fishing with my buddy Paul and his son PJ, we waited until the morning and got off to a good Start early with a 33 inch Snook. There was no shortage of smaller Snook. We had Reds to 22 inches until late in the day when we got into a big school of Redfish. We landed 9 Reds to 28" and another 32" Snook. We felt pretty good about the day but I felt we need a bigger Snook.

Sunday morning we set out for Trout we caught a bunch but it took a while to get a 17 inch fish. We spent the rest of the day trying to upgrade but couldn't get em. Paul had 78" and PJ had 76"

I was on some decent fish and felt good on the way to turn in score card. There were some good fish caught by allot of my friends and congratulations to them. We were disappointed but we had and incredible weekend of catching fish!


John and his buddies Jason and Pat fished the Herman Lucerne Tournament with me, they got treated to the worst weather possible. It rained and the wind was steady in the 30 mph range with gust up to 50 mph.

That being said we caught some fish and did the best we could in the conditions. They didn’t let it bother them as the beers flowed pretty smoothly. The highlight of the day was when Pat hooked a decent sized Redfish and a 6 ft.Crocodile ate it, he had been trying to get one of our Snook earlier.

Day 2

We drove into Flamingo to avoid the beating again. We started out with John catching a couple Small Tarpon and a handful of Snook. They trio caught Snook, Trout, Snappers, Ladyfish and Tarpon. We tried hiding from the weather but it was nasty.

This was some serious rain!

This was some serious rain!

Fishing is incredible right now and really has been since about last Christmas if you have a need to catch something special or want to just get your kids out give me a call. Caught Lookin Charters is a family friendly charter service. Lets go fishing, give me a call at 305 333 8149.

Captain Jim Hobales