Springtime Tarpon are here!

I have had some computer and website issues plus throw in some really strange weather so the reports haven been posted. The fishing has taken off in last few weeks with Tarpon making a great showing. The Tarpon fishing has come alive in Whitewater Bay, off of Cape Sable and in Miami / Biscayne Bay. The Snook and Trout fishing in the Whitewater Bay has been pretty good as well, not to many monster’s but lots of fish!

I am fishing Flamingo today with Chris Peterson his grand daughter Blue and her friend Gabby. We started out in Whitewater Bay because it was blowing 25 mph+. I told Chris it was going to be tough, he said he new Blue is only here for a couple days. Chris has called me the last couple years to fish with his granddaughters and they are really into it. We started out with some Trout, Jacks and Ladyfish. We looked for Tarpon but with all the white caps it was tough to see and uncomfortable. We moved around looking for protection, the wind seemed to come thru just about everywhere. We set up using Ladyfish chunks out on the coast and had a few bites the best was a 6 lb. Redfish.