Confusing Conditions!

I am with fishing out of Haulover marina today with some of my Canadian friends Jean-Paul and Claude I play golf with. Jean-Paul told me his grandson Mike was coming in and loved to fish. A cold front past thru last night and it’s windy, rough and cold. These guys are from Canada so it don’t bother them.

We ran down to Government Cut but it was a little to rough for them. We made our way to the Trout flats and had a great morning. We got into a fantastic bite of Trout they were coning into the boat 4 at a time. JP and Claude were catching there own fish and I was helping Mike. I would cast and hook one and pass him the rod. Before he could get it in I would have another one hooked up. we did this for 2 hours, that kid was worn out. There were some Ladyfish up to 3 lbs. mixed in so it made it allot of fun . They caught Snappers , Jacks, Blue Runners, and Cuda’s.