Cool weather brings multi specie days!



I am fishing Flamingo today with Dave and Nick from New Jersey and its cold!  As we leave the dock water temps are 56 degrees and there's really only a few areas that produce when its this cold (East Cape Canal), so we headed that way. We got a late start and all the good spots were occupied so we went west. It was slow but eventually we got into some fish. Dave missed a Snook and then hooked a nice Snook. We moved around hooking catching plenty of Trout, Black Drum and another Snook. It took until 1 o:clock before it hit 60 degrees, but once the tide started coming in with some warmer water the fish started to eat.


Miak with a small Kingfish      

Miak with a small Kingfish



Miak with a Spanish Mackerel

Miak with a Spanish Mackerel

Natasha Miak's mom with a Trout

Natasha Miak's mom with a Trout


My great friend John Paul loves his grandson Miak, he's been bring him here the last 3 years. This kid loves fishing and don't put the rod down nd did a great  job out catching everyone else. He kept casting his Gulp swim bait and it was producing plenty of Trout. His  Mom Natasha caught her fair share and her boyfriend Vince did pretty good as well. My friend John Paul sat back there watching his grandson catch fish and once in a while catching a nice Trout himself. The weather wasn't perfect but the fish cooperated and by the end of the day they caught Kingfish, Mackerel, Trout, Jacks, Blue Runners, Bluefish and Cuda's. It was cool out but then the rain started and they had enough so we headed in. Miak already talking about next time!





I got a call from Javier on Sunday morning asking to go out that afternoon, I said fine but its going to be windy and cold! He said we from New York  we're ok. We met and at Haulover Marine center It was Javier, his wife Amy and son Daniel his cousin Carlos and his daughter Sophia. If you got that your doing good!  They had chartered a boat a couple weeks earlier and got skunked my job was to find fish. We started out pretty quick with a few Mackerel and a nice Bluefish after a handful we went looking for Trout. It was getting cold it was blowing 25 and the water was dirty, not great conditions. We moved around until we hit the mother load. We went thru 3 dozen Shrimp a Trout on everyone. It was getting dark and colder so we made our way back to the Marina. They didn't get skunked this time! 





Our weather is getting things right for the next few months because the last few years we have had no winters. These cool days now make things happen later like great shrimp runs, packing fish into small areas and even driving baits into the bays. All these things ill give me and my clients a better chance of great catches.  As far as kids go it don't matter how big but how many and that's what I try to do. For you adults we can sit and work Tarpon schools trying to get a fish of a lifetime. This time of year Government cut get all kinds of Traffic in there and its good stuff like Snappers, Groupers, Permit, Mackerels, Big Barracuda's and of course there are some Sharks. If you are interested in catch some fish and having a good day give me a call at 305 333 8149. 

Captain Jim Hobales

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