Full moon = slow bite

The last few weeks have been on the slow side but when I have been book we catching some fish. There has been plenty of bait plus the shrimp are on the bigger side so baits have been no issue, the funny thing is with all the bait we catch allot of fish on lures. We have been catching fish on Gulp Shrimp and Rapala Shadow Raps as well. The water temps have been dropping and that will pack the fish into deeper holes.


 I am with Terry, John Jeff, and Alfredo down at Flamingo. We started out on some really decent sized Tarpon throwing jerk baits and live mullet at them and never got a look. It was fun and we put a few Jacks in the boat but the Tarpon didn't play. We moved on because they were inexperienced and bending rods was more important. I showed them allot of the park and they all loved it none of them had ever been here. We did allot this day and weren't really rewarded much until the end of the day. I saved the Trout fishing for last and we banged them up good catch 30 or so with 5 between 20 and 23 inches. The Jacks Ladyfish and Snapper made for a good feeding frenzy. We ended the day catching a big Lemon Shark and watching Bull Sharks destroy the mullet right next to our boat. This was a full day and the 2 cases of beer they brought were gone.




I am fish the Everglades City area the next 2 day with Pam and Denise, I met them at the Rod and Gun Club and Immediately got into fish blowing up Pilchards. We warmed up by catching Jacks and Ladyfish and then moved on. The conditions were pretty tough today wind was @ 25 mph and kept changing directions. We got on a good Trout bite while looking for Redfish but finding anything out of the wind was tough. We fished a bunch of points and oyster bars which produced more Trout and a Small Snook. We worked hard caught plenty of fish but not the Snook and Redfish we were looking for. The windy conditions made it hard to find bait and the fish really didn't respond to live shrimp.


On day 2 The conditions where totally opposite it was flat calm, the bait was every where and so were the Mackerel's, Bluefish and Ladyfish. We netted a live well full of pilchards and went to one of my chumming spots. The first bait that hit the water produced a Redfish for Denise. We had a few big blow ups in the chum but couldn't get them to eat so we moved on. We were making a move and for the mother load of Mac's they broke out their fly rods for this. We did this for a couple hours and they were loving it. It was nice because the Mac's were up to 4 lb.'sand 2 - 3 lb. Bluefish. We went threw some flies but that's the cost of fishing those fish.

I hit all my spots and only had 1 nice Snook eat a bait fishing was difficult at best. I think I went right today and maybe should of went left saw a couple reports of people further south and seemed like there was some king of bite. We ended the day back into the Mac's and wore them out , Pam loves the Mac's. The big super full moon got the best of me this time!