Two Boat Family Trip

I am down at Flamingo today part of a 2 boat family trip, I have Pete and Katie on my boat, their 3 sons are on Capt. Alan Sherman's boat. We didn't start out until 10 a.m. and by then the wind was up around 20-25 mph and if that wasn't enough a massive line of showers came thru. We fished hard looking for anything but because it was only a 4 hour trip we didn't want to waste time running around. We found some protection in spots that have produced fish for years but not today. It took 3 and a half hours to finally find some fish but when we did it put smiles on their face. We had a couple live shrimp get eaten by Redfish but unfortunately they came off. Pete hooked a Snook which jumped off, all I 'm thinking is "man just give them one fish".  Capt. Alan pulled up as we missed a fish and asked if I wanted to try a Pilchard, it was automatic Snook on! This put smiles on every ones faces it wasn't a giant but it was one. We took some pictures and released the 21 inch Snook. It was time to go but I said give me another Pilchard. We pitched it back in the area and hooked another Snook, this one was bigger and not happy. He pulled for a minute and decided he was finished throwing the bait. We called it a day they were on vacation from Chicago and got terrible fishing weather while here, the day before it was really rough offshore.