90 degrees and fish are biting!

Its getting hot but this is the time of year where it can really get good. The fishing down at Flamingo has been producing a good quality Snook bite with a few Tarpon thrown in. There is even a few fish left in the North Biscayne Bay area and Government Cut and waiting for the summer Tarpon to move in.


I had a couple of interesting days this week, on Friday I fished with Pete Colbert and his buddy Billy. I have been back and forth with Pete for a couple months, he was e mailing me from Afghanistan. He is in the military and he along with his friends were coming here for a bachelor party . The second boat was with Capt. Alan Sherman who showed them a great day of catching Dolphin. We got into a nice school but weren't able to get one in the boat. We did catch some Jacks, Blue Runners and Bonita's. Pete had a big Permit just under the boat until the hook pulled after 25 minutes of battle.  It was only a half day so we headed in, they had a full night ahead of them.


I am fishing Flamingo with my Friend Flen and his buddy's George and Roger. Flen is retired Army, we have been trying to do this for a while. We started out by catching bait and then ran out to the coast. The only issue this morning was it was a little breezy and the winds were wrapping around Cape Sable making the water a little on the dirty side. We ran until we found clean water and that's when we found fish. Flen had never fished before so anything he caught was going to be a first. It didn't take long and we had big Trout and Snook hitting our live pinfish. The bite slowed down so I made a run up north. It didn't take long to get the first bite, the key was I switched up baits. I had some giant Pilchards and man did they get slammed. The bite only lasted for about 30 minutes but it was good and Flen missed a giant Snook of a lifetime.

They wanted some fish for the cooler so we ran out front and put some Trout in the box.  The tide was slowing so I ran back in front of Flamingo and put out some live baits. We had a couple big Sharks and a Tarpon come up and play with us. It was hot and the bite had quit so we called it a day.



I am with Gregg, Karl and Charlie today fishing out of Haulover Marina, I got out early because bait has been tough to find. I got lucky and found some small pilchards which were big enough to put on a hook and plenty of chummers. We had a couple good bites early on lures including a Small 30 lb. Bull Shark and a Black Tip. The Snook wanted to play and we caught a few of them on Rapala,s and a few on Pilchards. The bite slowed so we moved on and started to live chum, we had big Jacks, more Sharks and Cuda's

The beach fishing down at Flamingo is red hot right now, so if you would like to get a day in around the 4 th of July weekendgive me a call at 305 33 8149


Capt. Jim Hobales


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