West winds are tough but fish bite!

The fishing was effected very little after our first tropical system of the season, I am down fishing Flamingo with my nephews. We started out in Whitewater Bay where it was slow with weak tides. We made our way out to the coast and found some mullet on the way. This was good for us because the Tarpon were eating mullet. We saw a few blowing up mullet schools so we got on them with live mullet and it didn't take long. We hooked Tarpon and Sharks and then made our way to the middle cape beaches. We thru Rapala Shadow Raps and Gulp Shrimp jigs and hooked a ton of fish including Snook, Jacks, big Trout and Sharks . Once we had enough we headed back towards Flamingo but noticed the wind was calm and it got nice. We found big Jacks blowing up mullet schools,  Mark hooked a big one and then they were gone.  Next we found Tarpon rolling in the absolute most perfect conditions and thru a mullet out in front of one. It was a awesome bite the fish ate the mullet but didn't run for 20 seconds which is not normal. Andrew got on the rod and fought a 65 lb. Tarpon for 20 minutes. I let his brother Mark jump in and land the fish. This is a great picture and we ended the day on this one. Andrew had the hot hand and hooked several fish that were twice his weight.



I am fishing down at Flamingo today with Robert his brother and friend Carlos. We started out front but had low clean water. Once tide switched we made a run for the coast and found some decent looking water considering we had a west wind @ 15 mph. We had netted some pinfish on the way out and put them to work. We had 3 big Snook bites but it was slow, we managed a Jack and some Trout. We fished hard and the bite was non existent until 3 o'clock. I said lets hit one last spot hoping for a Snook or 2. I made a cast showing them where the lure needed to land and it was inhaled by a 40 lb. Tarpon. I handed the rod to Carlos, the Tarpon jumped 4 or 5 times and frayed thru the leader.  As I was looking at the leader Robert hooked up and then Larry as well. It was like this for 30 minutes we were 0 for 9 on Tarpon and we also had a few Snook blow up on their lures.  This made our day because it was slow earlier on . The guys were happy and really enjoyed the bite.


Capt. Jim Hobales


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