Crowds are down Mullet are running!


Mullet run, that's all I can say! The last couple weeks the mullet made an early appearance and the fish are crushing them. I was lucky enough to get my house and cleaned up the first week after Hurricane Irma and then I got to some fishing. I have fished all of the Miami Beach coast from Haulover Inlet to Government Cut and have had some incredible days and nights. 



I fished with Greg and his son Luke tonight out of Haulover. It was nasty and I got off of the thing that had been producing some quality fish. I netter some nice pilchards and lived chummed some areas that produce for me normally but not tonight. We bounced around for a couple hours and finally made our way into Haulover inlet. The bite wasn't really happeneing but we stuck it out and eventually got Luke some fish to fight. 


This past weekend I fished the Romp in the Swamp tournament out of Port of the Islands. We got over on Friday and got some pre-fishing in, I was with my son James and Nephew Mark. It rained pretty hard most of the day but we caught plenty of Snook, Tarpon and Redfish. Friday night fun at Captains meeting saw some old friends and some good food.



Saturday Morning the weather cleared and we did the 45 minute idle zone and were on our way. The big problem I had was there were people in the areas I like to fish, I've been fishing the area a long time and never had that problem before. I think since the pressure had been light guys tried the areas I like. We lost 3 monster Snook that got us back into the docks and I wasted allot of time there. There was allot of action on the surface and that lead to a couple Redfish. We caught 20 or so Snook but they weren't tournament winners. We stuck it out all day until 4 o'clock but never got the big Snook we needed. Lots of fun every year and this year the proceeds went to firefighter victims of Hurricane Irma.

There has been so much going on in this country there's aneed to get away and I'm here just for that, the fishing has been so good I hate to miss a day! I have been fishing everywhere so if you want to go fishing and its in Miami Beach or running from Key Largo to Flamingo give me a all at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales

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