It's been another breezy week Fishing in Biscayne Bay!


It's never a good feeling when client calls as you are pulling up to ramp and says he is broke down on turnpike. That happened today, but I made the best of it! I launched the boat and went out into Florida Bay and pre fished for a tournament on Saturday. The water wasn't a good color and the wind was every bit of 25 mph. Its been so windy I have been spending most of my time in Whitewater Bay so I went and check all the old reliable spots. I hit spots that produced allot of fish even with lack of grass on the bottom and churned up mud. I was throwing a top water plug on top of a flat and had a big Redfish blow up on it. It missed it but spooked a school of Reds with it, I felt they possibly could be there on Saturday. I hit a couple more spots and decided to go home and play Golf today!


Fishing in Flamingo for Snook

I am fishing Flamingo today with Tom and his son Brad, Its windy again so I'm on the Whitewater Bay side. On our first stop we had a couple missed fish but ended up with a nice Snook. As always I asked what they would like to catch today, Tom said Snappers not what I expected but ok. I felt I could catch enough Snappers while looking for Snook, Trout and anything else. We worked our way all the way out to Ponce Bay and only saw 1 boat all day.  We did manage a bunch of Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish and of course Snappers up to 14 inches. The high light of the day was Brad hood a small 10 lb. Sand Shark and had a 9 ft. Lemon Shark stalk it and eventually eat it right under the motor. The conditions were tough but Tom took home a bag full of Snapper filets.



Great Tarpon and Snook Fishing in Flamingo

I am down in Islamorada at the world famous Lorelei Restaurant for the ABC Contractors Tournament, I am tarpon fishing with Ron Pearson and his friend Demetrius. We made the long run to Flamingo in pretty choppy conditions. We pulled up to where I had found Redfish a couple days earlier it was nasty and rough but we gave it a shot. We were chunking Ladyfish hoping to attract them but all we found we Catfish. The next spot was a commitment because it was in a poll or troll zone. I was hoping for a few Snook and a possible small Tarpon. They cast and worked hard but all we had o show for it was Jacks and Snappers. We finally got out of the wind and worked the incoming tide along the Mangroves. I had some Shrimp in the livewell and put the biggest one on for Ron. He got it up on a over hanging tree and got smashed by a really big Snook not sure what happened but the fish came off. Ron thru another Shrimp up there and the next fish must of got the line in his gills and cut him off. I decided it was time to catch some bait and go west! The spot I was really counting on was infested with mosquitos so we didn't stay there long. The next spot produced 4 good bites an had some Tarpon rolling around. Demetrius landed 2 Snook and poor Ron was Snake bit today. Ron had both fish out of the trees and I was waiting to net them and they came off. We spent the last hour Trout fishing and then had a pretty bumpy ride to get back. We only had 2 Snook and a Trout to turn in but we had some potential.

As I'm writing this the winds are down and hopefully give us a break this week. I have a couple openings for the Memorial Day weekend. Its a good time to get the wife and kids out and Caught Lookin Charters is a kid friendly fishing charter. If you would like to spend a day catching fish and enjoying nature give me a call at 305 333 8149.


Captain Jim Hobales,

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