Spring is here, so is the wind!


The last few weeks the wind has continued to blow in from 15 to 30 mph and it has made fishing difficult. The fact is I have been fishing and producing some decent hook ups and catches. The last week or so I have fished both Flamingo and locally in and around Miami Beach. The mullet schools have been thick and there have been some fish busting them occasionally. On a couple occasions I even found some Pilchards and turned them into something bigger. The late afternoon/evening bite was tough between the high winds and serious sea weed, although we did manage a few very large Tarpon hook ups. The weed was really thick and our baits would constantly be fouled up, these weeds were from Key Biscayne all the way up to Haulover. The bridges did produce some excellent action when mullet schools were pushing thru.



The inshore of Biscayne Bay is still producing Snook, Trout, Jacks, Snappers, Cuda's and Sharks most in the Mullet muds.




I also did some Bass fishing out in the Glade's last week.  We caught Bass up to 3.8 lbs., Peacock Bass to 2lbs, Pickerels, Mudfish and Oscars all on Rapalas and Senko's



I am at Flamingo with the Crumb family Greg, Lisa, Logan's friend  Mike. It was 55 at the dock this morning so the ride out was cool and of course the wind was blowing.  We started out pretty good with a couple Snook, Trout and 13" Snappers on Twitch in Raps. It was nice the kids could cast like pros and they were having there own little completion. The early bite was productive then during the middle of the day with high water and winds it was slow. Today was a 10 hour day, Greg said they wanted to fish late when we spoke on the phone. It worked out because as the tide went out the fish turned on. We sight fished a Tarpon and some Sharks when the water got low and clear. We had netted some small finger Mullet and it was time to for them to go to work. We put them out and it didn't take long Greg had a big Snook blow up on his Mullet but missed it. We had the Snook blasting our bait out of water but not eating them. We finally got one hooked up and Mike is doing a great job of fight the 36 inch big girl. I netted it we took some pictures and I watched s Mike released the fish very gently. It is nice to see when  the kids aren't about killing fish but releasing them. They turned off after that and we made our way in.





I have been on a hot streak lately with some very good young anglers and it makes the day easy. I am a kid friendly charter guide if your kids are great anglers it will be fun. If they are beginners I will teach them the correct techniques that way its enjoyable for the rest of there fishing days. It will also make it easier on you, the parents!

If you are interested in fishing Biscayne Bay, Flamingo, or in the in the back country of Whtitewater Bay for Snook, Tarpon and everything else that swims give me a call at 305 333 8149.



Capt. Jim Hobales


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