What hurricane , let's go fishing!


This past 10 days we had to prepare for the biggest hurricane ever to come across the Caribbean it was taking dead aim at Miami and there were no steering currents. The Tuesday prior to the hurricane hitting the Keys it was obvious we needed a miracle for this monster not to hit us dead on. We got lucky it as it passed thru Cuba and slowed it down a bit! The rest is on the news. The whole Keys chain goes from devastated to still livable. Here in Miami we were lucky, yes there is some damage trees and roofs but for the most part (at time I'm writing this) most of county has power. 

The big issue for myself and all my fellow Flamingo fishing guides is the park got hit pretty good and I haven't really heard how bad. I will make my way there in a week or so once things get straitened out in Key Largo. it will be interesting to see if it helped or hurt. 

The Mullet Run is going to start pretty soon, there are some reports of Mullet pushing thru Ft. Lauderdale. I will be concentrating in Miami for a while, if you have never fished the Mullet Run you don't know what you are missing. I will also be doing much more fishing in south Biscayne Bay for Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Tarpon and anything else that swims. 

I finally got some free time after all the clean up yesterday and went out with my son and his friends at a local spillway. I got a nice Tarpon on my second cast and a Snook after that then my son got s bass. It felt good!




Got out this morning with my son James and his friend Danny, we had confirmed last night that the mullet were pouring down the beach. We got out early looked around some and went and hits some of our fun spots. The Jacks were there blowing up finger mullet and I had a Snook blow up onmy top water plug. We decided to run the beach and we found the mother load of mullet. 1 toss of the net and we were done, we threw bait back at the end of the day. We caught the tide perfect and my mullet got hit, that first fish was a 12 lb. Snook. It didn't take long and I was hooked up again, the second fish was similar size. Then the big Jacks showed up,  at one time all 3 baits got hit.  James and Danny caught there fish which fought really good in the current. I was jigging down the beach and found a nice school of Pompano,  we caught 15 or so. James is hooked up and his Tarpon is running out to sea until it thru the bait, damn circle hooks! Danny caught the last fish of the day and it was a slob Snook a couple pictures and we weregone. One more stop and jumped 3 or 4 Tarpon and then we left, great morning. 





I am open for business and I can show you a great day on the water anywhere on the Miami Dade county coast, Give me a call at 305 333 8149. 

Captain Jim Hobales