Weather mad for a tough week!


As good as fishing has been, the last week changed some. We had a tropical system come thru on Thursday and effected the weather until Sunday, that being said the fish bit from Key Largo to Flamingo. Sometime its all about the rod bending and not so much the specie. I fished out of Key Largo on Thursday and Friday and we bent the rod and put smiles on faces. The BBI hooked on Kids tournament was cancelled because of lightning on Thursday morning, a couple of the teams wanted to go out when it cleared so we did it. There were still some storms heading out way but we stayed close.


Anytime we get a S.W. wind flow it gets tough and that’s what happened on Saturday while fishing the FFT tournament of Flamingo. I had a game plan and stuck to it for 2 hours before running far away to second spot. I blew it until 1 30pm. I was fishing with my son and said I don’t think we can win here but we have a shot at Tarpon and Snook. It didn’t take long and the bite turned on. Tarpon were rolling all around us but every time we cast a Snook we eat the lure. we spent 2 hours throwing at Tarpon and catching Snook and other day no complaints. Final result in tournament was embarrassing.

The next day I had Will and Pancho on the boat, we met me early to get ahead of any storms. I ran back to where I ended up yesterday. The tide was just changing and the bite was about to get incredible. I had some pinfish which we started out with. The first bite had to be Goliath, the only way to explain it is to hook one yourself. Will eventually got broke off but that was just a start. The Tarpon were everywhere busting up Mullet

Pancho had one hit his Gulp and never stop until he threw the lure. Will was casting at small rolling Tarpon and catching Snook. We did this for 3 hours until both guys were sitting down exhausted. I left to go hit another spot only to watch the guy fishing whack some nice Snook. No big deal we had just caught close to 100 Snook this morning and jumped several Tarpon. It was easy to call it a day they surpassed what they expected!


Its time for kids to go back to school so if you need to get them out give me a call at 305 333 8149 and we will put smiles on there faces.

Capt. Jim Hobales